7 Common Reasons for Stress in Students

7 Common Reasons for Stress in Students

College life is not at all a bed of roses as many students tend to think even though it is a step forward to achieving their life goals. Reasons for Stress many a student have a feeling that once they begin college, they are going to experience their greatest moments of life.

They tend to think that college life will be fun, with newly acquired freedom, meeting new friends with cultural diversity, and new social life. But that is not entirely true as they try to deal with homesickness, cultural differences, and still striving to work hard to excel in academics, they may end up being quite overwhelmed. On the other hand, students set their own goals to achieve good grades and when this doesn’t happen they get stressed up. Parents’ expectations can lead to stress as they may push their child without considering his capabilities.

Once you join college, university, or any other institution of learning, you may need to prepare yourself for some very challenging and stressful situations. Stress may not only come from the internal environment but also the external environment. If you have been in this position in the past, you may well understand the different situations that may have made you stressed. Whether it is being broke or the lack of insufficient time to take part in all the activities that you enjoy, you should always try and find the best ways to keep your stress levels low if you are going to succeed in everything that you do. It is common to see students drop out of school because of high-stress levels and this should never be allowed to happen if it can be controlled. Below are some of the common reasons for stress in students.

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Academic stress

The workload of college is more involving than the high school and many students get weighed down by it. In high school, they got lots of assistance and support from teachers and parents, but once in college, they have to do most of the work by themselves. In college, a student is faced with totally different subjects that may take longer to understand and this may increase anxiety. Exams and tests also contribute to stress in students. A lot of students get worried about getting good grades and many create time to study when there are upcoming tests. Test stress does not affect the struggling students only, it also affects the high achievers too as they are under a lot of pressure to maintain their grades or even do better. Others are worried about losing their scholarships in case they do not pass their exams, which is reason enough to give them stress as they may end up losing the once in a lifetime chance. In case you have been exposed to such a situation, you clearly comprehend the importance of taking a positive outlook on such matters. It is always important never to give up in such a situation. You can get some assistance from great student help services like this website in case you feel too overwhelmed with academic burdens. Such companies are highly important in helping students handle their academic tasks at the most affordable rates.

Parental expectations

Some parents put a lot of pressure on their children to agree to their preferences without respecting their children’s interests, capabilities and choices. Obviously, the sole burden of trying to live up to the parents’ expectations will take a toll on their academic life and will definitely increase their stress level. On the same note, parents are likely to put pressure on their kids on the grades they expect from them without considering their capability and IQ levels. The pressure to deliver the required grades to their parent will lead to depression as they try to please them. It is always important for students to be allowed to take on subjects that are in conformity with their various abilities. When this is not allowed, it can have a great impact on the student and significantly reduce their productivity levels which is a bad thing. Too much pressure from the external environment in the form of the parents’ expectations has always been a high cause of increased stress levels in students and should always be controlled.


A lot of students are overly excited the first time they set a foot in college because of the fact that they are away from the prying eyes of their parents. They think they have all the freedom to do whatever they feel like without worrying about their parents. But once they settle in a faraway location or country with different cultures, new environment, and strange food they begin to miss the warmth of their family which makes them unable to settle down and study well. They may feel saddened by separation from their family and the familiar environment they were used to and this may lead to stress. It takes a long time to adjust to all the different new things and cultures that they are exposed to. It is also difficult for most of them to make new friends which may have a significant toll on their social life. Most of the students thus feel out of place and start missing their former environments. This is usually a stressful period because it is hard to concentrate and focus on their schoolwork and life at university.

Financial Burden

The financial burden can cause stress in a student. With a lack of college fees, a student is not certain whether he will be able to finish college. Generally, college life is not cheap and it gets more expensive with each passing year whether it is a public or private college. Apart from tuition fees, there are other expenses to worry about such as the cost of books, boarding room, food and overall maintenance which can be staggeringly high. Unless one is under full scholarship, college can be a huge burden and many students are forced to take a part-time job to help them cater to college expenses. For this reason, it is also common to find that most of the students find part-time jobs that they hope will help them offset some of their bills. It is also stressful to work and learn since it means that you barely have enough time to take part in any other activities that you enjoy. When it approaches the time for exams, the student may find that they barely have enough time for their studies which is also extremely stressful.

Social Anxiety

For most students, the first few months of college could prove to be very intimidating. Some people are naturally outgoing but most of us have to really work hard to create connections and make friends in new places. It is not easy to make friends with people from different backgrounds, cultures and social life. Some students will prefer to isolate themselves for fear of being rejected and this can trigger stress. This is the reason why it is common to find students joining some form of social cliques or totally isolating themselves. Given that they most likely had some friends in the past, this can be a highly challenging time for them and they end up losing touch with their social part of life which is considered very important for healthy learning.

Unhealthy Competition

Everybody loves healthy competition, but what will happen in case we cross the line to unhealthy? The obsession of getting good grades and being on top of the class can cause additional stress to the student. College grades are capable of impacting the future life of a student, whether negatively or positively as a lot of job offers depend on your college grades. Some students are called to college where they begin with pre-requisite in their first semester which can be stressful as the exam determines whether they remain in college. Some of the students are for this reason forced to spend countless hours studying hard and late into the night in order to score very high grades. They in this way sleep for fewer hours which may be a very stressful time for them. Furthermore, if students join sports teams, they often have to deal with abusive coaches who encourage unhealthy competition – so instead of being able to release stress through sports, students may end up feeling even more stressed.

Handling New connections and roommates 

Not every student gets to have a roommate, but the majority of them end up sharing a room with one or two persons. Depending on personal habits and personalities, there could be a conflict waiting to happen at some point. Being suddenly made to live in the same room with a total stranger can be very frustrating, more so when they do not get along and have nothing in common.

There are roommates who do not respect the other’s properties, are too noisy, disorganized and others do not observe proper hygiene. All these are bound to create a crash between roommates making them have an uncomfortable and stressed life

It is evident that college life is not easy and one may take a considerable amount of time in order to adapt to it. But with the necessary help and support, they are able to pull through and attain good grades. Students can form a support group whereby they are able to assist each other during college life. Parents should never push their kids to study courses they are not interested in, instead, they should choose to support their choices and help them throughout college life. This will go a long way in boosting their confidence and wanting to make their parents proud as well as excelling in their studies. Instead of taking part-time jobs, students can be advised to take loans leaving them with more time to fully concentrate on their studies. Students can also seek help from professional counselors or professors to help them cope with stressful college life which makes it hard to concentrate a hundred percent on studies. College life need not be stressful as proper help and tips in writing a dissertation can help the student have a fulfilled life and accomplish his goals.

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