Football Coach Stopped Counter-Attack and Was Sent Off

Football Coach Stopped Counter-Attack and Was Sent Off

An action performed by the Colmenar Viejo coach during their match with Villanueva del Pardillo FC angered people, especially fans who checked odds at Soccerwagerz. When there was a dangerous counter-attack against his team, the coach entered the pitch in the last minute of normal time to stop it. 

Watchers were angry at the coach, especially considering this happened in the 89th minute. The home team was able to score a goal in the 83rd minute of the match, and then had a chance to score a winning goal, but this chance was taken away by the opponents’ coach. 

How Did This Happen?

The match between Villanueva del Pardillo FC was in its 89th minute. The score was 1-1, and everyone was waiting to see if one of the teams will score another goal before the end of the match.

At one point, a chance appeared for Villanueva del Pardillo FC. They were in the middle of a counter-attack against the opponents when the rival assistant manager entered the pitch and stopped the counter-attack. 

There is TV footage of the assistant manager leaving the sideline and intentionally intercepting the ball that was meant for a forward. The striker took the ball from him while the referee was giving him orders. Not only that, but the striker also pushed the assistant from behind. 

What Was the Response of the Teams?

After the match was over, Villanueva del Pardillo FC posted a message on Twitter. 

“Great game which was tarnished by the actions of the rival manager which we consider contrary to fair play and the values of football,” they said. Then, they added to the statement in a subsequent tweet: “The action in question was not carried out by the manager, but by the assistant manager. He was red-carded for running onto the pitch to stop a counter-attack.”

One day after the incident took place, Colmenar Viejo also posted about the event. “We regret what happened. An isolated action should not call into question the image or the values this club has demonstrated in all categories for so many years,” they declared. 

“Our assistant made a mistake and expressed his total regret immediately over what had occurred. Once the match had finished, a club representative who was present on the ground personally said sorry in the name of the club to representatives of Villanueva del Pardillo who we are on good terms with and always have been. This apology is something we now make publicly.”

So far, it is unknown whether any disciplinary action will be taken against this assistant manager. There may be some consequences for what he did, which may be announced in the following days.

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