Which Qualities Should You Look for in a Dog Bed?

Which Qualities Should You Look for in a Dog Bed?

Dog beds come in a broad number of styles and varieties, and having a large selection is always preferable than having few alternatives. Choosing the proper bed, on the other hand, might be difficult. Choosing the incorrect dog bed size is the most typical cause pet parents replace mattresses they purchased for their pets.

If you’ve had a bed that is too tiny for your dog, you may not think it’s a huge matter, but consider the following problems that might arise: painful joints as a result of a lack of support, muscle soreness as a result of tight conditions, insufficient quality sleep, and back and hip issues, particularly in larger dogs. Here’s how to ensure that you’re always obtaining the proper size mattress for the dog.


Choose a bed that’s big enough for your dog to sprawl out on. It is important that your dog is able to stretch out without dangling over the edge of the bed. When shopping during a dog bed sale, remember to always go with the bigger bed size if your pet’s dimensions fall somewhere in the middle.

Age of the pet

If the dog is still a puppy or has a tendency to gnaw, you might want to choose a cot-style bed that is more durable and discourages chewing. It’s important to remember that no bed is impenetrable to a determined destroyer! Using a low, orthopedic foundation bed may be more comfortable for your elderly pet. This kind of dog bed is indeed a wonderful option for smaller dogs with more obvious bones, since it offers additional padding.

Maintenance and cleaning

Choose a bed that’s simple to clean. Controlling smells, grime, and fleas becomes easier as a result of this. Even the smallest of beds may be thrown in the washer with ease. Larger beds with removable coverings that can be cleaned independently from the bedding or filling are best since they are easier to wash. To ensure your cat has a good night’s sleep on their new bed, keep these points in mind! Having trouble deciding which bed is best for your pet? We’ve got you covered. Visit one of our locations or place an order online and we’ll help you select the right bed for your pet.

Dog beds with sides

These dog beds feature a raised backrest that makes your pet feel safe and comfy. This sleeper is perfect for dogs that want to put their heads upright or cuddle up to something as they sleep.

Canine mattresses with no sides

These dog beds have a pillow-top design that’s been around for a while. These beds are ideal for dogs that like to stretch out on the ground and take advantage of the extra space provided by being flat on all four sides.

Canine orthopedic mattress

Even if your dog is no longer a puppy, he might still feel like one. The sturdy and supportive support of these dog beds keeps your dog from off ground, which is great for their ailing joints.

Canine cave beds

Cave beds are ideal for dogs that like to lie in the laundry or under the sheets. These dog beds are ideal for tiny to medium-sized canines, as well as those who already are predisposed to nervousness. No matter what kind of bed you choose, don’t forget about your best friend. A commitment in your dog’s pleasure and well-being is made by purchasing a dog bed.

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