Fax from Your Phone Now with the Most Powerful Best Free All-in-one Fax App – CocoFax

Fax from Your Phone Now with the Most Powerful  Best Free All-in-one Fax App – CocoFax

When it comes about sharing confidential information, the usability of fax could never be neglected. From many years till now, fax has been the top priority of everyone who deals with secret data now and then. The reason behind the frequent usage of fax is its security features. 

However, faxing is not only prevalent nowadays but it has got more secure and convenient. Now you can go paperless and send faxes. Google fax free has all the information about online faxing. Just grab your phone and send faxes anywhere, anytime.

Keep reading this article till the end to know more about ins and outs of free online faxing services. 

CocoFax, Turn your Phone into a Fax Machine

Goggle Free Fax is the leading blogger about free fax online  services. Now you can send important documents as fax even without connecting your device to a fax machine. CocoFax offers fax with added security in 190 countries and saves you from buying costly fax machines.

CocoFax has millions of users who rated it as the best online fax app in the world. Due to its fully-functional services and intuitive interfaces, CocoFax is getting popular among beginners. You don’t need the services of a professional as CocoFax is an easy-to-use app.


Forbes, New York Times, CNET, Life wire, and Android Authority are some of the international media forums which featured CocoFax as a reliable fax application. CocoFax enables you to use smart devices to send and receive faxes on the go.

Exchange Fax directly from your Phone

Google Fax Free is the ultimate source of finding reliable cell phone fax services. There is no need to arrange fax hardware equipment to share the confidential files among your peers and friends. CocoFax is packed with multiple useful features to assist you. 

Getting fax machines and modems just to exchange a sheet of paper is not a healthy practice nowadays. With the evolution of technology, everyone needs handy and easy communication ways. CocoFax introduced online fax services so that you can have a portable fax machine.


CocoFax is a reputed online fax service provider that guarantees data protection when it is being transmitted. Just like a fax machine, the information sent using CocoFax remains safe and secure. Even the development team of CocoFax cannot check your personal details.

Get Free Fax Number from CocoFax

Fax is not possible without a fax number. Either you are using a fax machine or exchanging faxes through CocoFax, you should get a fax number first to continue. CocoFax takes care of its users and offers free fax numbers including a toll-free numbers.

You don’t have to call a phone company to apply for a fax number. Navigate to the official webpage of CocoFax and click on the Signup button. After registering with CocoFax, you will get a 30 days trial for free and a dedicated fax number without paying any charges.

CocoFax offers unlimited faxes to local and international fax numbers. You don’t need to connect a fax machine with your devices to send faxes. Get a dedicated fax number from CocoFax and turn your mobile phones or tablets into a high-end fax machine.


Web-Based Online Fax services by CocoFax

CocoFax is serving business firms for a long time including small start-ups and large corporate. People reviewed CocoFax as a reliable fax service. It is adaptable to multiple platforms so that you don’t need to get any third-party services for compatibility issues.

When using CocoFax from any internet browser, you don’t need to install any application on your devices. The hassle-free fax methods of CocoFax work faultlessly with Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.  Follow the below-mentioned steps to get started with web-based faxing:

Step 1: Login/Signup with CocoFax

Login to your account from the official webpage of CocoFax. If you don’t have an account, you can create one from the Signup button. CocoFax offers free fax numbers and 30 days of trial to new users.


Step 2: Compose Fax

Now you can create a fax document directly from your web-based CocoFax dashboard. Click the New Fax button from the left pane and a new fax wizard will pop-up. Enter the receiver’s fax number in the To field and a Subject line which would appear as a note at the receiver end.

You can also add the cover page of your fax as it will be displayed as one document after being amended to fax files. Add attachments to be sent as a fax file. You can upload more than one file to CocoFax’s new fax wizard and send them concurrently. It saves time and effort.


Step 3: Send Fax Document

After composing the fax document, double-check to make sure that everything is typed correctly. Send the file by hitting the Send button. You can also save these files as a draft if you wish to send it later. Documents are saved in the draft folder until you send or delete them.

When you send the document, CocoFax sends a notification for the successful delivery of your files. If the sending was stopped due to some errors, CocoFax will provide you a detailed message for tracking the problems. Correct them and resend the file.

CocoFax, a Reliable Email-to-Fax Service Provider 

CocoFax offers email-to-fax services so that you can send faxes directly from your email account. Now you can discard your fax machine, papers, and toners as CocoFax offers wireless faxing services. Sending faxes with CocoFax is just like exchanging an email. 

Either you are using Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, or Apple Mail, CocoFax works well with all of them. Moreover, you don’t need any special skills to use CocoFax’s email-to-fax services. CocoFax incorporates user-friendly interfaces to assist you in online faxing.


Here is a stepwise guideline for you to send out faxes directly from your email account.

Step 1:

Register your email account with CocoFax which would be used for online faxing.

Step 2:

Open your email account and start composing a new email. You can attach pdf, Xls, doc, png, jpg files to send them as a fax document directly from your email account. Moreover, you can also upload multiple documents and send them at the same time. 

For attaching the cover page to the fax document, you can enter the relevant details in the email body area. Data enter as email subject will appear as the title of your fax file. If the recipient’s fax number is 12345, you will type 12345@cocofax.com for using email-to-fax service.

Step 3:

Send the email and it will appear as a fax file at the receiver’s fax machine. All the files sent from your email account will be converted into a Tiff file by CocoFax. You will get a confirmation email to track the email transmission.


Receive Faxes without using a Fax Machine

Receiving faxes with CocoFax is not more than a child’s play. Just login to your CocoFax account or email address and all received faxes will appear in the inbox folder. You can check sender details and track document transmission along with the timestamps.


CocoFax is a reliable, convenient, and economical fax solution. Now you can send documents as a fax without investing in fax machines. Signup with CocoFax and send faxes from your mobile. CocoFax forwards received faxes to your account even if your devices are turned off. 

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