Digital Business: How To Fight Against COVID With QR Codes

Digital Business: How To Fight Against COVID With QR Codes

The QR code is a matrix barcode that was first designed in 1994 in the automobile industry in Japan. It’s short for the term Quick Response, and it’s used to pass a piece of information from a transitory media into a mobile phone.

In the year 2020, the need for QR codes has increased due to the sudden COVID-19 pandemic outbreak as a good way of maintaining social distancing.

QR codes have been used in magazines ads, billboards, web pages, and even displayed on t-shirts. Their usage has increased since the global pandemic started and has proven to be of tremendous help to both the digital world and businesses all over the world.

The use of QR codes can help in fighting the spread COVID-19 through the following ways:

  1. Maintaining Social Distancing

The COVID-19 virus primarily spreads through droplets, such as those spread by a sneeze or a cough. This is why the lockdown measures to limit physical interactions were necessary at the peak of the pandemic. However, QR codes can be helpful in public places like restaurants and other different purchase places.

Qr code payment

With the use of QR codes and mobile ordering app, people can check menu or price lists without having to touch the menu book or talk to attendants. They can also make payments without having any direct contact with either cash or any human.

  1. Optimizing Advertising Strategy

With the use of aQR code generator, customers at hotels and even restaurants can advertise to their targeted audience at once.Guests and customers will feel safer and be more comfortable because they can get all the necessary information without a higher risk of exposure.

  1. Promotion of Business and Goods

The use of QR codes has long been used to promote business thanks to quick and easy access to mobile phones and other devices many people have these days. Since its adoption as an effective digital marketing strategy, it has increased sales for business owners and has put users ahead of their competition. Their high speed and ease can also help business owners to track visits to their site and number of people being reached.

  1. Direct Transfer of Details

QR codes are good planning systems and can be used to transfer contact details and add events to devices. In particular, the WhatsApp application has eased the adding of contacts through scanning of the QR code rather than typing manually. Communications in businesses and individual lives have been made easier through the use of these codes in sending text messages and emails.

  1. Minimal Visits to Emergency Rooms

Hospitals are one of the more likely places people may contact COVID-19. This fear has greatly reduced and limited trips to the hospital to only essential cases. The solution of QR code has helped the majority of people who can’t go to the hospital to get needed medical information from their doctors. Instead of putting a call through to the doctor’s office to book appointments, each QR code is linked to personalized instructions for carecreated by the patient’s doctor.

  1. Purchase of Goods

QR codes facilitate quick and cashless purchase of goods, after which goods are sent out and delivered to customers. This means you can what you need right at the comfort of your home, without any risk of exposure.This solution helps to combine technology and human connection online.People can order their desired products and still get it at home without making physical contact.

  1. Contract Tracing

Countries like China have used QR codes to fight the virus by determining those who should self-quarantine and those who have free access. By collecting data on health status, fever, and temperature, the country has been able to control movement and curtail the spread of the virus. Other countries like Moscow and Singapore have launched similar QR code-based apps to help with contact tracing of at-risk individuals.

  1. Verification of Tickets in the Transportation Industry

People can now purchase tickets, without the need for physical interaction when getting on the bus or train. More so, the use of QR codes in public transport services can help passengers track where their transport has been.

By simply scanning the code, transportation services can also collect contact information of their passengers. It also helps to track work locations that don’t have a fixed location for customers that need their services.

  1. Easy Access into Buildings

People can now enter buildings without having physical contact with the door or even touching elevator buttons. By simply scanning codes, people can enter buildings, restaurants, offices, salons, and other places, curtailing the spread of the virus.


Since the global pandemic, human contact and interactions have reduced seriously because the disease spreads through physical contacts.

However, life has to go on regardless.Businesses must go on, and so must communication. Through digital marketing and technology, the use of QR code in particular, has been able to ease some of the burdens by reducing the need for physical interactions and providing easy solutions to problems caused by the pandemic. With the use of QR code, people can now perform many tasks that before now required human interactions.

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