After COVID-19 Vaccination, Certain Side Effects Have Been Noticed

After COVID-19 Vaccination, Certain Side Effects Have Been Noticed

At a time when the pace of vaccination against COVID-19 has intensified across the world, the cases of some Covid Vaccine Side Effects also started coming in. This, however, varies from person to person and not alarming.

Here, it must be mentioned that the chances of any of these Covid Vaccine Side Effects following vaccination may not continue for long or have prolonged effects on the human body. Such cases of prolonged side effects are very rare.

Usually, those who receive vaccination after mixing doses of two different vaccines or cocktail vaccination are more likely to experience such side effects as headache, mild fever, and fatigue.

Only 10% of those receiving cocktail doses reported severe fatigue. However, about 3% who received a single type of vaccination shot showed signs of massive weakness.

Most Common Covid Vaccine Side Effects

In the phase 3 trials, such vaccines as Pfizer-BioNTech (BNT162b2) and Oxford-AstraZeneca (ChAdOx1 nCoV-19) proved to very efficacious. The side effects were also in a minimum number of cases. However, side effects in a small number of cases of these vaccines and others did occur.

It now stands medically proved that people who earlier suffered from SARS-CoV-2 infection run a greater risk of having adverse effects after the first dose. However, those with no known past infection usually do not develop any Covid Vaccine Side Effects.

The Covid Vaccine Side Effects in some usually are the following common ones: 

  • Pain at the place/site where the injection was given
  • Fever after taking the jab
  • Headaches develop after taking the shot
  • General body weakness or fatigue after taking the shot


    • The body aches, headache, and fatigue were more common in the case of women than in men
    • It is more common among people aged 55 years and above than in the case of younger people.

In the USA, European nations, and several other countries of the world, governmental frameworks have been set up to monitor these post-COVID-19 vaccination side effects in first dose and second dose injections. The data exchange also is taking place between the WHO and these countries.

Use of App to Monitor Covid Vaccine Side Effects

To scientifically study the statistics, trends, cases and age groups, and sex patterns that are affected by Covid Vaccine Side Effects, the app currently are being used by a large number of countries to collect live data. This action greatly helps to monitor at the global level the Covid Vaccine Side Effects.

The UK has achieved major success in it. From December 8, 2020, till March 10, 2021, such apps were used by the country to monitor the side effects of 655 590 vaccine doses. Those who received the jab use apps now to inform the UK government about the side effects they suffered or did not suffer. The incidence of side effects of recipients in the UK was minor and not high.

One of the primary reasons why we develop side effects after receiving the shots is that our immune system is reviving and reacting to the vaccine.

It is due to it that the human body develops some side effects. In fact, all inoculations result in side effects, which are minor and cases of death are extremely rare.

In the case of ongoing Covid Vaccine Side Effects, we find that the side effects are resulting in stronger reactions and causing more side effects after receiving the second dose than getting the first time shot.

The Conclusion 

The data shows in the first shot, the incidence of developing side effects is less. However, after the second dose is taken, they develop. The primary reason for it is that when we take the first dose, our body undergoes spike protein caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.

Subsequently, our body develops an immune response. But it happens at a slower pace. In the case of the second dose, our body starts to make the spike protein, and antibodies start rising on it and rev up the immune system response. It shows the jab is working.

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