Coronavirus Latest Updates | COVID-19 Deaths Declining Globally But Rising in India

Coronavirus Latest Updates | COVID-19 Deaths Declining Globally But Rising in India

The latest Coronavirus Update reveals that the death rate is declining globally as different nations have intensified vaccination programs but in India, it continues to remain very high. India is suffering from an acute shortage of the jab, which is affecting its vaccination programs.

While the lower death rates are noticeable in the USA and Europe, the two earlier worst-affected regions, the surge in COVID-19 infections and subsequent death rate currently is the maximum in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and India where new variants are posing grave dangers.

Several countries in these regions including India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia are imposing fresh lockdown. On average, the period of lockdowns in these countries is likely to be extended till June 7, 2921.

Strain B.1.627 First Occurs in India (Coronavirus Second Wave)

The WHO declared the strain dubbed B.1.627 that was first detected in India a “variant of concern” on Monday and said it is likely far more transmissible than the original virus.

Giving Coronavirus Update WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said though the situation is perilous globally, India is posing a grave concern due to the rampant spread of the variant.

Increased social mixing, the relaxation of public health and social measures, and inequitable vaccination are all driving spiraling the cases. Ghebreyesus pointed out reports of hundreds of dead bodies floating in the River Ganga in Northern India as a very grave incident.

He brought the issue to the fore that the villagers in Northern India are disposing of the COVID-19 dead in the river as the poorer people are unable to meet the very high cost of cremation.

Report of “Black Fungus”

This Coronavirus Update is really alarming. In several parts of India, “Black Fungus” or Mucormycosis cases are surfacing posing a massive danger to human health and further enlarging the possibility of further deaths.

Since the Indian hospitals are reporting a rise in cases of “Black Fungus,” the situation is likely to worsen in this country as it is a rare and lethal infection that is closely linked to diabetes. It can lead to blackening or discoloration over the nose, blurred or double vision, chest pain, breathing difficulties, and coughing blood.

In the case of “Black Fungus,” there is a fear of putting the Diabetes patients as it can further aggravate it. In fact, the use of such steroids as Dexamethasone used for controlling high blood sugar is also being used in some cases to treat severe COVID-19.

Intensification of Vaccination Greatly Reduced Pandemic in USA

Under its vaccine push, the USA has achieved to reduce the number of cases of COVID-19 in the country.

A report of vaccine tracking conducted by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says in the USA, 152.8 million people have been vaccinated with at least one dose. This is equal to 46% of the population of the USA.

Altogether, 115.5 million have been fully vaccinated. This is equal to 34.8% of the US population. They received two shots of the two-dose prescribed to remain safe from COVID-19.

Global Death Rate Going Up

Even as China greatly succeeded in death rate through its COVID-19 management on a war footing with 4,846 cases of death and 102,643 confirmed cases, it is rising sharply in India, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, and the UK besides others.

The global contamination tally of COVID-19 currently stands at 159 million and the global death tally touching the alarming 3.3 million. At the same time, the latest figure of the global recovery from the disease stands at 95 million.

The latest Coronavirus Update reveals the U.S. A. continues to remain the hotbed of COVID-19 despite inoculation at a mass level with 32.7 million cases and 582,296 deaths followed by India where 22.7 million are afflicted by the pandemic and death at figure touching 246,116.

With 15.2 million cases and second by fatalities at 423,229, Brazil continues to reel under the COVID-19. Mexico, currently having 2,4 million cases, has the fourth-highest death toll that now stands at 219,098.

The U.K. saw 127,870 deaths as against 4.5 million cases.

The Conclusion

The Coronavirus Update reveals the grim fact that among the countries of the world, India currently is the worst victim due to mismanagement of COVID-19 containment plan and lack of vaccines. Since the vaccines are unlikely to be made to all the larger number of Indians before June 2021, the number of deaths may rise up in immediate future.

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