Certifications of CISA/CISM/CGEIT

Certifications of CISA/CISM/CGEIT

CISA certification aims to evaluate and prove that individuals engaged in information system audit, control and security have excellent skills and judgment in information system audit.

The CISA certificate assesses expertise in the following areas:

Information system audit process;
IT governance;
System and infrastructure lifecycle;
It service delivery and support;
Information property protection;
Business continuity and disaster recovery;

In order to obtain CISA certification, candidates must do the following:

Successfully completed the CISA exam;
Adhere to the code of professional ethics formulated by ISACA;
Provide effective evidence of five years of working experience (or similar experience) in the field of information system audit, control or security;
Participate in CISA Vocational Continuing Education Program (after obtaining certification);

CISM certification is designed for information security managers and professionals responsible for information security management to ensure that the certified personnel transmitted to senior management have the expertise of effective security management and consulting. The certification is business oriented, focuses on information risk management, and theoretically takes into account management, design and technical security issues.

CISM certification assesses expertise in the following areas:

Information security governance;
Information risk management;
Information security software development;
Information security software management;
Emergency management and response;

In order to obtain CISM certification, information security professionals must do the following:

Successfully completed the CISM exam;
Adhere to the code of professional ethics formulated by ISACA;
Provide five years of working experience in the field of information security and three years of management experience (or related similar experience) in related fields;
Participate in CISM Vocational Continuing Education Program (after obtaining certification);

Since the establishment of CISA, more than 86,000 professionals have passed the certification; More than 10,000 professionals have passed CISM certification.

The management committee and executive management have long recognized the importance of corporate and corporate governance needs. Information technology (IT) is becoming more and more important in achieving enterprise goals and providing benefits. More and more people gradually realize that governance must be extended from it to all aspects. IT governance is an indispensable part of enterprise governance and activities to maintain leadership consistent with the enterprise structure, and the relevant IT governance processes can ensure the sustainable development of enterprise it and expand the enterprise’s strategies and objectives.

ISACA was aware of this change as early as 1998 and established the IT Governance Association (ITGI) to focus on the original research, publications, resources and collections of papers related to IT governance and related topics. In order to support and promote this important work, ISACA and ITGI have fully implemented a certification process to enable professionals to meet the needs of enterprises in IT governance.

Certified experts can lead in the establishment and management of information technology infrastructure and processes, and play an important role in IT governance fees, which can provide great support to the management director and executive management. The certification procedure is applicable to those who already have sufficient professional skills, personal skills and business experience, so that they can use the value provided by information technology to promote the success of the enterprise as much as possible, and can successfully manage and mitigate the risks brought by IT.

The benefits of the certification to participants include: fully improving professional knowledge and competitiveness, improving work skills, work ability and work experience, and promoting the professional position of participants. At the same time, by entrusting the enterprise to experienced IT governance experts for demonstration, the certification can also provide added value for the enterprise.

The specific certification process is mainly formulated for professionals who have rich management, consulting or assurance experience in relevant aspects of IT governance. This certification is ideal for professionals who want to gain experience and knowledge related to IT governance.

At the same time, the certification is also suitable for the following groups:

People who need support for it governance in growing enterprises;
People who want to understand and master the practices and problems of IT governance;
Experts who are considered to have tasks or responsibilities in the implementation of IT governance;

CISA or CISM is not only a test, but also proves that the certified person has the obligation, determination and ability to perform well in this career. Certification holders will maintain a competitive advantage among their peers and ensure a good reputation. At the same time, they will have the advantage of being different from others, whether in the public or private sector. As an ISACA member, you will have the opportunity to take the exam at the member price, purchase review materials, and attend the ISACA conference to maintain the effectiveness of your certification.

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