Best Website For Technology Updates

Best Website For Technology Updates

There are lots of online media or sites that load news. Especially with the ease of technology, one can easily create a blog site. Unfortunately, not all sites can be used as a trusted reference. Especially for those of you who need the latest and accurate news. Moreover, often, online media contains many rumors compared to certain news.

Reflecting on this, we want to share information about news sites or online media that can be used as references. However, we will focus on news sites with a technology focus. If we do not focus on certain fields, there will certainly be many. Moreover, we made a list of Best Website For Technology Updates, more intended for you Plimbi readers who need technology news directly from the source.


This technology site headquartered in San Francisco is a technology news site that presents quite complete news with photo content that spoils the eyes. This site also often contains a review of a gadget product in depth. Interestingly, this site rarely contains rumor news sites. Generally, the news that is available is quite useful and not just a rumor. CNET, in our opinion, can be used as the first reference site to keep up with technology developments in the United States. This is the Best Website For Technology Updates that you must follow.


GSMArena contains more news content. The development of the latest news related to gadgets and technology is classified as an update on this site. In fact, many technology sites and blogs often quote news from GSMArena. If we prefer GSMArena, the content specifications of the gadget are quite complete and complete. We are sure, many are also looking for gadget specifications to open the GSMArena site for information.


Pocket-Lint is another technology site that we often refer to. The content is quite complete along with lots of interesting tips that make us often open the site founded by Stuart Miles. Pocket-Lint does not only talk about review content about smartphones or gadgets. This London-based site also contains many reviews related to products, cameras, audio, and so on. Of course, this makes us enough to favor this site as one of the reference sites for our writings.


PhoneArena is also one of the sites that have diverse technology news content. This site is also widely used as a reference by national media. The thing we like most about this site is the appearance of the site which is quite clean and white so it is comfortable to read. This site also contains stories about news, reviews, videos, and also contains content specifications for a gadget. Not to forget, this site presents a choice of brand names that are clicked on, presenting content related to the brand.


Actually, lately, we rarely visit the GizmoChina site. But, we visit this site occasionally to get the most complete technology news information from China. Well, you could say, GizmoChina is a reference period for gadget development in China. This site only contains four simple channels, which consist of News, Reviews, Forums, and Shop. If you want to know the technology news from mainland China, then don’t forget GizmoChina. For Asia, this is the Best Website For Technology Updates.


AndroidTechNews is the latest technology site to be chosen only because the author wants to elevate his site to the Best Technology Sites in Indonesia. So apologize if there is an information error, AndroidTechNews is a technology site that includes news about the latest technology news, hardware, military android, mobile phones, gaming, consoles and window.

Here also provides an Amazon store about handpones that try to be applied to the blog. This site was only established on October 2018 which is still less than 1 year old.

The Verge

TheVerge was founded in 2011 in partnership with Vox media, becoming very popular in a very short time. It covers most topics about technology such as smartphones, apples, android, ios, google, laptop reviews and tablet reviews and others. Verge allows readers to compare product specifications and availability of research products.

They display product reviews for consumer electronics. Laptops & smart phones are the most widely reviewed products. The product will receive a “Verge Score” from 10. Users can also submit reviews on the threshold for the products they buy.

Web Tech Mantra

Web Tech Mantra website came up with a new helpful content update on finance, technology, business, health, and more topics niche. We studied, analyzed and presented on this platform. With all our knowledge, we established a platform to build a proper and trustful rapport with the internet world. We also covered the social media world through web tech mantra, so every social media user can access the informational world through the web tech mantra.