5 Characteristics of a GREAT SharePoint Power User

5 Characteristics of a GREAT SharePoint Power User

A Power User plays a very significant role in the company’s SharePoint environment. Power user works as the ‘SharePoint expert’ and often called SharePoint champion, content administrators, key user, and even more. He is not necessarily a developer, an administrator, or work for the IT department, but he surely knows how to use SharePoint.

Now, the question that arises is how to identify a power user?

The simplest way to identify a SharePoint online power user is by seeing the permissions assigned to him in SharePoint. However, some of the roles of a Power User are quite similar to an End User such as Creating, Reading, Updating, and Deleting list items. Yet he is also responsible for managing a site and managing list permissions. He also has options to either edit the list or sometimes have Full Control as well. With Full Control permission, a Power User can create new subsites, lists, and libraries as well. He can also manage permissions, create new content types, and is likewise responsible for other configuration and administration responsibilities.

How to choose a Power User

Choosing a Power User can be hard as they should have SharePoint experience for their new job. They are supposed to know completely about the front end as well as the back end of SharePoint. The genuine profundity of information required will be tried when requested to build solutions, investigate issues, and keep up users’ content.

A GREAT Power User should know how to assign tasks to different Power Users in the organization. In this way, every Department and Project will have its own dedicated Power User to support the site and manage the content. To be honest, anyone can be a Power User, but not everyone can be a great Power User. That’s why we have listed down the 5 characteristics of a great SharePoint Power User. You can use this as a guide while selecting a Power User for your organization. See the characteristics and know it all!

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Characteristics of a great SharePoint Power User

He is a SharePoint Expert

A good power user is very comfortable and well-versed as a SharePoint user. He is an expert when it comes to creating, customizing, and modifying pages, content, lists, and subsites. He has an understanding of the content types, web parts, templates, as well as workflows and knows how to easily create and modify them. A Power User basically has the experience to complete the assigned tasks using InfoPath and SharePoint Designer. He also knows how to and falls in line just before development using Microsoft Visual Studio.

He is Dedicated and Motivated

A Power User is dedicated and motivated for his role in an organization. He doesn’t depend on the manager or engineers for answers and to resolve SharePoint related issues and bugs. He is driven and propelled to grow his insight inside SharePoint. Rather than keeping an eye out for the IT office to have sufficient energy to make a sub-website with a web part page, he will do the vital research and testing and make sense of it all alone. He will test the points of confinement of the necessary solutions accessible through SharePoint and distinguish how the device can viably be utilized for the process improvement. It’s not difficult to understand when somebody is driven in their craving to grow his SharePoint learning since he has that passion and needs to truly tackle each procedure with SharePoint. He has a wonderful new mallet and each procedure is a nail that should be pounded. He wants to adapt better approaches to utilize the tool and he is passionate to learn about all the new and possible ways to do that.

Understands SharePoint Security

A Power User understands the security needs and how to implement it. Similarly, of seeing how things work inside the organization, the power user should likewise comprehend what jobs faculty inside the company have. Knowing this will empower productive administration of permissions all through the site. When security is well-considered inside sites and subsites, maintenance becomes super easy. Any individual who has ever managed the SharePoint permissions knows that only one subsite with dis-acquired permissions from the root site will cause the issues. So, a good Power User knows who should see, create, edit, manage, and delete items and that’s why he assigns the permissions wisely within the portal and ensure security maintenance.

Good Understanding of Business Process

A good SharePoint online Power User has a thorough understanding of the business process. This way he can efficiently create solutions to benefit the organization using SharePoint. He knows how to do model an efficient business Process. He has an understanding of how forms flow within the organization. Through the HR department, including any workforce subtleties and eccentricities that apply just to your particular company, will drive the power user to find the best ways to carry out and further improve the business process in SharePoint.

Since a good Power User has a proper understanding of the business process, he knows how to identify and improve processes, and also knows when a business process cannot be improved. A good power user knows when a process needs improvement and when it doesn’t. So, he won’t over complicate the processes by taking the disadvantage of the tool and the role he has been assigned.

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He is Coordinating

Maybe the most significant part of an incredible power user is that he is happy to help other end users inside the association. Not exclusively is the power user ready to make solution inside the SharePoint, yet he is eager and ready to help end users when they have questions. As a good Power User has the passion to not only manage his work but also spreads his knowledge and understanding of the tool to improve other activity execution as well. That’s why it is necessary to ensure your power users are actually the power users. They have the knowledge and dedication to learn and help others. However, also make sure that he has the time available to help the rest of the organization develop and expand their SharePoint skills as to not disturb his efficiency while increasing the efficiency for the company.

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