Best Area to Stay in Houston

Best Area to Stay in Houston

The thriving city of Houston is a must-stop for any visitors to the great state of Texas. One of the corners of the famous triangle (also consisting of San Antonio and Austin), Houston is a bustling metropolis with a modern Downtown and is home to the famous Space Center. We take a look at everything you need to know when visiting Houston, including the best area to stay.

Is Houston Safe?

Is Houston safe being one of the most commonly asked questions from travelers visiting Texas. The city often gets a mention when it comes to crime and dangerous cities in the USA, but that doesn’t mean that it is unsafe to visit. Like all cities, it is worth keeping your wits about you and avoiding areas that are notoriously bad for the crime. However, if you stay in the central parts of town and tourist hotspots, it’s unlikely you will experience any trouble.

Getting to Houston, Texas

For USA residents, getting to Houston is only a car ride or domestic flight away. This makes it quite simple to plan your next Texan adventure. For international travelers, however, a Houston vacation might take a bit of extra planning.

You’ll need to think about currency exchange and time zones, as well as entry requirements. Entry requirements are essential as there’s no worse way to ruin a trip than being denied entry into the country (or even denied boarding to your flight)! It’s worth doing your research through reputable sources to ensure you understand exactly what applies to you. For all your US customs questions and answers, head to the US Customs and Border Protection website.

Some people will be eligible to apply for an ESTA, while others will need to secure a traditional visa before traveling to the USA. If you come from a country that belongs to the visa waiver program, you can apply for an ESTA online. You will need to have this approved before your departure date and to speed up processing upon arrival.

Regardless of the application, you need to complete, always complete your paperwork well in advance of your departure date to avoid any stress in the lead up to your trip. You want to be able to resolve problems with plenty of time. It’s also worth having a copy of your documentation on hand to present whenever the need arises at the airport.

Where to stay Houston, Texas

It can be challenging to know where to stay in Houston, Texas. You want to be in a safe area and somewhere close enough to all the major attractions. Our top areas are listed below to help you find the perfect base for your vacation.


If you’re looking for accommodation right in the middle of the action, think about staying in Downtown Houston. The area used to be deserted on the weekends, but with the addition of new apartment buildings and its theatre district’s success, Downtown has become one of the most popular areas in the city.


Montrose is one of Houston’s most eclectic neighborhoods and can be found to the west of Downtown. Hipsters, bohemians, artists, and musicians have taken up residence in the area, creating a strong creative community. Grab yourself an Airbnb and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere.

The Heights

Based in the center of Houston’s historic district, The Heights offers a charming, suburban feel. The wide streets are lined with grand Victorian homes standing for centuries, and the area is popular with families and business owners. It’s also becoming increasingly popular amongst the trendy crowd who are flocking to the local bars and restaurants and enjoying the local arts scene.

Houston, Texas Landmarks

Houston Space Center

As the number one attraction in Houston, the Space Center receives many visitors from across the globe. It’s the ideal place to learn more about space and the USA’s shuttles.

Hermann Park

If you’re looking for a place to have a picnic or get some fresh air, head to Hermann Park. There’s plenty of space for the kids to run around, and it’s often hosteda range of festivals and celebrations.

Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo houses approximately 6000 animals, making it a fun and exciting activity to pass an afternoon. It’s great for the young and young at heart!

Houston Tunnel Tour

Houston has an elaborate tunnel network that exists underneath the city. These tunnels date back to the 1930s, when they were built to help people navigate the city without facing the harsh elements outside. Today, they serve the same purpose, although they now hold many more retail and food stores, including McDonald’s. If you are interested in learning more about the tunnels and Houston’s history, join one of the various small group tours for a unique experience.

One Day in Houston

You could spend days in Houston and not get bored, but if you are time insufficient and only have a single day, we have you covered. Here is a list of things you’ll want to tick off your Houston bucketlist.

  • Visit the Houston Space Center
  • Explore the underground tunnel network
  • Get a photo at the Water Wall
  • Have dinner or see a show in the theatre district

Places to go Hiking in Houston

People don’t necessarily think of hiking when they think of a city, but Houston has a few good options for avid hikers visiting the area. Check some of these out when you visit the city to get exercise, some fresh air, and great views.

  • Buffalo Bayou
  • Houston Arboretum
  • Brazos Bend State Park
  • Terry Hershey Hike Trail

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