Automatic Passenger Counting Systems for Public Transport

Automatic Passenger Counting Systems for Public Transport

A passenger counting system is a data collating system that is often used in public places or for public transport. Counting systems can either be manual or automatic. Although the manual passenger counting system can provide accurate information, this accuracy is often reduced by human error or the attentiveness of the manual operator. This means that the mood of the operator and the boredom from performing a repetitive task for a long duration may affect his data entry.

An automatic passenger counting system, on the other hand, is not subject to human error or boredom, making it more reliable and accurate than any manual counting system.

In this post, we will take a quick look at the use of APC systems in public transport systems such as trains, metros, buses, etc.


Technology and tools can be deployed for automatic passenger counting. However, experts believe that the most versatile and most accurate is passenger counting using video technology. Video counting technology records the number of passengers that exit and enter a public transport system at every station.

Video counting technology is believed to be about 98 percent accurate. This is remarkable considering that the accuracy of the manual passenger counting system is 15 percent.

Also, the video counting technology helps in distinguishing children from adults easily. All you need to do to verify the recorded data is to view the video and count as much as you need.

The live occupancy counting technology is another accurate automatic passenger counting technology that is often deployed in public transport systems. This involves counting passengers by using smartphones, meters, internet-of-things, or web browsers. You can learn more here.


The automatic video counting technology involves placing cameras that are connected to active counting unit software applications over every door on a public transport system. These cameras record every entry and exit and the counting unit records the number of passengers exiting and entering any public transport system.

The operator can watch the video clips remotely to verify the accuracy of the counting system. It is important to verify the accuracy of your APC technology during set up as it will help assure you that you are getting the right info. You can choose to send the recorded data to a local network to save bandwidth or store them locally.

You can connect the video counter to either a 12 or 14-volt uninterrupted power source. The video counting technology can also be infused into the internal body of your vehicle. Furthermore, you can include a door sensor tool that is connected to your video counting technology.

You can access a real-time data update by securely logging into your PC as long as it is connected to the internet. Hence, feeding you with real-time counts of passengers entering or exiting your vehicle.

Finally, APC technology can be operated and configured remotely. Hence, making its operations smoother and easier than a manual counting system.

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