Artificial Intelligence Write For Us

Artificial Intelligence Write For Us

Artificial Intelligence write for us is the English abbreviation is AI. This is a new technical science for researching and developing the technology and application system for simulating, extending human intelligence with this technology.

This coming new AI technology is a branch of computer science that attempts to understand the essence of intelligence and manufacture a new type of intelligent machine that can respond in a similar way to human intelligence of thinking.

The new era f AI (artificial intelligence) includes robotics, image recognition, language recognition, Natural language processing. Since the birth of artificial intelligence, the theory and technology have become more and more mature, and the application field has been continuously expanded.

Future of Artificial Intelligence

It can be imagined that the future technological products brought by artificial intelligence will be the pot of human intelligence and this artificial intelligence can simulate the in sequence process of human next level of thinking. And this era of technology is not human intelligence but it can think like human brains and may exceed human intelligence as well.

Artificial intelligence is a very challenging science, and people who do this work must understand computer knowledge, psychology, and philosophy. Artificial intelligence is a very broad science. It is composed of different fields, such as machine learning, computer vision, etc.

In general, one of the main goals of artificial intelligence research is to make machines capable of doing something that usually requires human intelligence Complex work. But different times and different people have different understandings of this kind of “complex work”. In December 2020, artificial intelligence was selected as one of the “Top 10 Catchwords of world Media in 2020”

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