6 Effective and Comfortable App Design Examples

6 Effective and Comfortable App Design Examples

What does it mean to create a suitable design for a mobile application?? Which is a good app design practice? Today I’d like to show you several great mobile app design examples. These apps are very useful and comfortable to use.

The Dribbble App for Android

It is the app of a popular Dribbble service. It is not only contemporarily good-looking but additionally has a logical structure that allows the user to look through the images of designers with no problem.

The Prague Zoo App

An idea of this mobile application is just outstanding: it will show you all the interesting places in a zoo in Prague. Additionally, the app is able to synchronize with the smartphones of your friends to help you keep each other in sight all the time. And of course, the app design is perfect to use it.

Design by Withjack

It is a correct idea to use the app to demonstrate a designer’s portfolio in our times, isn’t it? That is why this guy did exactly the thing: he created the design of a website app and get here app design agency in San Francisco. This app can bring him new clients to increase earnings.

Panvel Ciclos

It is a very useful mobile application for women made by the Brazilian drugstore company. Its color scheme is surprisingly well-made. Additionally, it is very comfortable and effective. Women would appreciate it a lot.


How do they do it? The app is a wonderful masterpiece. It allows controlling your coffee machine from a distance. Just imagine: you drive home from the office. There is the cold winter weather outside, and of course, you would want to drink something hot. In the app by Coffely, one pressed button will mean a hot coffee cup prepared until you get home. That’s cool, isn’t it?

The Whatsapp Application

It is a very beautifully redesigned app of a popular Whatsapp messenger service. The design is really outstanding. Moreover, its designers didn’t sacrifice usability to create an impressive look. The program is logically organized and very comfortable for the user.

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