5 Reasons Why Your Car Trouble in Winter Weathers

5 Reasons Why Your Car Trouble in Winter Weathers

Winter weather can create havoc in everyone’s life, and your car is no exception. Why Car Trouble in Winter Weathers Cold batteries, immobile fuel system, alternators not working, the starter motor is giving issues, and more. It’s the car that faces most of the brunt of the winter, chilling temperature.

Imagine that you are on your way to an important meeting, but you are stuck with a rescue service, rescheduling your important appointments. Well, it’s a common scenario of winters; as the temperature goes down, the battery starts producing less current, making your engine harder to turn over in winters. The freezing temperature will also make it harder for the oil from flowing in the engine.

Here are a few reasons for your car not starting in winters:

Using The Wrong Oil In The Car:

It’s not uncommon for car owners who use the wrong fluid in the car, and if this happens, the results can be deadly. So, check your car’s manual to identify the right oil for your car. While some cars need thick oil of approximately 10-30 W, some might need thinner oil (5-20 W).

Thick oil creates clusters of oil as the temperature drop making it difficult for the engine to start smoothly. However, on the other hand, thin oils ignite engines easily, making it ideal for winters. So, keep a check on the kind of oil as described in the manual.

Using Bad Batteries:

Car batteries produce less current during cold weather. Why? Because the cold temperatures result in the chemical hold back an make the battery stop working for some time or temporarily. So, keep on changing the batteries (ideally after every three years). But, if you have just got the batteries changed, get jumper cables to recharge it.

Water Got Deposited In Fuel Line:

For a car, nothing is worse than having water in the fuel line. And, in winters, this happens naturally, and the gasoline stops reaching the engine. The situation can become more dangerous when the temperature changes and frozen water starts melting in the fuel. If this happens, look for car repair near me and call professionals instantly.

Give your engine only premium fuel or the one with low temperature. Also, be extra cautious when washing as carelessness can make you change the fuel line.

Specially Formulated Break Oils:

Break systems use specially formulated hydraulic fluid, and substituting it with the power steering and transmission can damage the car’s system. Even worse, it can cause brake failure and also affect the seals.

A Collaboration Of Gasoline And Oxygen In Carburetors

Carburetors combine gasoline and oxygen to provide external combustion. Dirt or malfunctioning in carburetor makes the engine fall down. So, if you know that you had just changed the batteries, oil is fine, and the fuel line is clean, check carburetor.

How to Start The Engine During Cold Weather:

Switch Off Everything:

All your car’s electrical accessories like radio, heater, wiper, headlights use car’s battery, so turn them off. This will give the battery a better chance of getting your engine done.

Press The Clutch:

Dipping the clutch reduces the amount of work the car’s battery does to turn the ignition. Also, this will help the engine fight a chance of starting in cold weather.

Fill Your Engine Oil:

If you are really struggling to start your engine, it can be because of low engine oil. If your engine has low oil, it will put more pressure on the battery to start the engine. You can check the engine oil by using a dipstick, and if it’s low, fill it up before starting the engine.

Clean And Tight The Battery Leads:

Take a close look at car cables to ensure there’s no corrosion. If there’s rust, clean it with a brush and moisture of baking soda and water. And, if they are corrosion-free, make sure they are tight as loose cables can affect the current flow.

So, those were some possible causes of why your car is having trouble in winters. Keep the above things in mind, and don’t let your work suffer.

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