100% Working Windows XP Product Key in 2021 | Latest Updates

100% Working Windows XP Product Key in 2021 | Latest Updates

Many users are still using Windows XP because it’s the best and most effective Windows OS that people have used over the years. Windows XP comes in CD format or you can even download the OS (Operating System) directly from the internet without the Windows XP product key.

However, you must have the windows XP professional product key before you can start using Windows XP in your system. There are multiple steps for installing Windows XP. Any mistake while installing the OS could badly impact the working of your system. Once you install Windows XP, you can then easily start working on your PC or laptop to the best of its potential.

Why Windows XP Matters?

Windows XP was launched by Microsoft in 2001 and became an instant hit among users. Almost all people enjoyed the kind of efficiency and smooth operation that the OS offers to its users. It acted as a multi-tasking OS, which facilitates users to run and open several programs on their tabs and work on them simultaneously.

However, with the advent of more recent versions of the Windows OS, including Windows Vista, Windows 8.0 and Windows 10.0, Microsoft stopped offering further online support to its users. It means people who are still using the XP may not receive the necessary updates and security patches. Another fact is you won’t get Windows XP easily available in the market.

One, who had used Windows XP in the past, didn’t accept the newer versions of MS Windows with that much ease. There’s no Windows OS that offers maximum satisfaction and performance.

Windows XP Product Key

If you still want to use Windows XP then you need an appropriate product key for the same. And if you are using an old PC, which already has a Serial XP facility system, then you don’t need to worry. You can still use XP and get the necessary updates too.

At present, Microsoft offers product key to Organisations and Individuals. You should opt for Volume Licensing for Organisation (VOL), as soon as you use to insert the key, you can start using the OS. When VOL is not available, then you should opt for Volume Licensing Key (VOK).

Frankly speaking, you can use either of the keys depending upon their availability.

How to Get the Product Activation Code?

If you still retain the original Windows XP CD/ DVD, then you need to simply opt for plug and play. It means just insert the DVD and let it run. The serial key will be already written on the DVD.

But some people buy pirated copies of the OS installation DVD. In this key, Windows XP product key free will be missing and you have to find the appropriate product key to let your PC function.

Use Product Key Finder Tool

Opt for a product key finder or windows XP professional product key generator and install it on your system. Through this tool, you can then download Windows XP. By clicking on the ‘Find’ button, you will see the active serial number appearing on the screen. You can now easily complete the full installation process to activate Windows XP on your PC.

Randomly Choose XP product key For Windows XP [32-Bit And 64-Bit]

When the above process doesn’t work, then you have to randomly choose a product key and insert the same while installing the OS. At present there are several working Free Windows XP Product Keys are available online as follows:









These are just examples. Many more are available online. You have to go through the process of trials and errors before you get the suitable Windows XP product keys. But it would be fun. Try this in case the ‘key finder’ option won’t work.

How Do I Opt for 32-BIT or 64-BIT?

In simple terms, your CPU can be either 32-bit or 64-bit. You can’t upgrade it or downgrade it arbitrarily. Your OS has to be in sync with your CPU’s internal working mechanism.

If you have too much confusion and can’t identify whether your CPU supports a 32-bit system or a 64-bit system, then simply a PC technician can help you make the right choice. For heavy use choose windows XP product key 64 bit.

How to Insert Windows XP activation key Using Run Command

  • On a standby mode, click start and select ‘Run’.
  • Enter Regedit for its further process.
  • Edit the product keys as you desire and press OK.
  • Now type Type %systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe/a on Run tab
  • A dialogue box will appear and you have to press ‘Yes.’
  • Edit the product key as required and restart your PC.

The Conclusion

No doubt, MS Windows XP still enjoys the support of a large number of people. Its simplicity, performance, and multi-tasking abilities help the users to do their task more effectively and within time.

We hope the article has helped you a lot to understand how to install the windows XP activation key and start working on PC. But if things don’t work, then we recommend you to install Windows 8.0 or Windows 10.0 and get all the necessary updates.

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