Why is JPG is better than PDF for Online Posting?

Why is JPG is better than PDF for Online Posting?

Which is better for printing: jpg or pdf? Images come in multiple formats, and it can be frustrating to use the wrong format to get the quality you want. Therefore, it is important to understand the difference between JPEG and PDF while converting pdf2jpg. And what are the advantages of each format? If you select the wrong quality, especially when printing, you may lose the quality of the image being printed.

What is a JPG file?

JPG is a compressed image format commonly used to store digital images. It is the most commonly used image format on digital cameras, various operating systems, and the Internet. You can use a compression ratio 10 : 1 to the JPG images without losing detail. This results in smaller files, which makes it easier to exchange and save images.

The compression rate in JPG files is adjustable. This means that image data can be stored at the minimum or maximum compression rate according to the user’s preference. JPG images are very suitable for realistic photos and paintings.

JPG compression

JPG uses a lossy form of Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) compression. This mathematical operation transforms each frame/field of a video source from a spatial region (2D) to a frequency range (also called a transform range). The perception model based on the human psych visual system rejects high-frequency information, that is, sudden changes in intensity and tone. In the field of transformation, the process of information reduction is called quantization.

What is the difference between a PDF file and a JPG file?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a standard document developed by Adobe. It allows you to combine scalable text, vector images and bitmaps into one document. There are multiple pages and embedded fonts. For example, if you open a PDF in any pdf Reader, you can zoom the document so that it is much larger than its actual size. Since the PDF saves the actual text with the document (not rasterized), the text looks clean and tidy regardless of the page scale. The same is true for vectors in documents, because they are composed of paths, not pixels. However, as you zoom the document further, the bitmaps become more and more.

Comparison of PDF and JPEG

In order to summarize this section and give you a better understanding of PDF2JPG, the following are the main findings.

JPG is mainly used for images, PDF is mainly a document format

JPG uses lossy compression, which reduces image quality, but it is almost insignificant

You can select and copy text PDF but JPG text No

PDF does not use standard compression methods, while JPGs uncompressed PDF with images will take up a lot of storage space


Choosing the right format such as PDF2JPG is an important factor in creating and entering information; this is the first step in the life cycle of intelligent information management. This step creates the prerequisites for all of this: gaining insights from information, intensive digitization of information, and even automation of compliance and governance.

Therefore, JPG images are great for publishing photos and images on the web because they can keep the file size small without significantly affecting the overall quality. They are also great for emailing preview images to customers and printing high-resolution images and photos.

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