Is Ethical Hacking a good career in London?

Is Ethical Hacking a good career in London?

Ethical hacking is one of the most lucrative career options for many people. It is an exciting and challenging job that would hardly bore you. At the same time, it pays you well. So yes, this career also brings a great sense of achievement along. If you are an ethical hacking aspirant in London, you might be looking for the best ethical hacking course in London and wondering how good the career of an ethical hacker in London is. You can give a pause to your answer-hunt as you have landed on a relevant article, and you will get your answers here! 

Hacking is a process that involves finding the vulnerabilities in a system. On finding such suspicions in the system, a hacker can gain unauthorized access into the system for performing harmful activities such as stealing sensitive information or deleting important system files. Yes, hacking is illegal as it can lead to extreme consequences if you are caught in any such action. 

But here’s the thing – hacking can be legal if it is done with consent. Usually, computer experts are hired by the companies. They ask the hackers to hack into their system to find the suspicion of attack and weak endpoints to be solved. This process is carried out as a precautionary measure against genuine hackers having malicious intent. So basically, such people who hack into a system with authorization, with no malicious intent, are known as Ethical Hackers. And this process as a whole is called Ethical Hacking. 

Requirements of an Ethical Hacker

The career of your ethical hacking begins with your current status and field of work. If you are not in an IT industry already, first try to shift into it. Mostly, the jobs will ask for a Bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or any specialization in cyber-security or related field. There are always a few exceptions – but only for people with sound knowledge in databases, operating systems, and networking. Becoming an ethical hacker is not an overnight process. So you can begin with an ethical hacking course in London. Most ethical hackers have started their careers as tech support engineers who have put effort into their journey by earning certifications such as CCNA and CISSP even before working towards the CEH certification. Once you acquire this CEH certification, no one in this industry can stop themself from hiring you as an ethical hacker.

Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker

It has been a misconception for a long time that testing is the only work that an ethical hacker works on. Given below are seven roles: 

  • Scan the opened and closed ports using Reconnaissance tools such as NMAP and Nessus. 
  • Participate in social engineering methodologies. 
  • Exam patches will be released by performing dynamic vulnerability analysis on them. 
  • An ethical hacker has to see if they can evade Intrusion Prevention systems, Intrusion Detection Parts, firewalls, and honeypots. 
  • An ethical hacker can also employ different strategies like bypassing, sniffing networks, cracking wireless encryption, and hijacking web applications and web servers. 

In a nutshell, an ethical hacker strives to do everything that a black hat hacker does. Still, the only difference is that their family needs to analyze an organization’s social engineering aspects and defense protocols. The responsibility of an ethical hacker is to make sure the organization reacts to these cases in such a manner that they are not following already. 

Skills required to become an ethical hacker 

An individual aspiring to become an ethical hacker must be proficient in networking, database handling, and operating systems. The individual must also have outstanding soft skills as they will need to communicate the security-related problems to the rest of the teams and employees of the organization. Besides what’s mentioned above, these are a few more skills that will add value to your resume. With an ethical hacking course in London, you can learn almost all of these skills: 

  • Network traffic sniffing
  • DNS spoofing
  • Orchestrate various network attacks
  • SQL injection
  • Exploit buffer overflow vulnerabilities
  • Password guessing and cracking
  • Session hijacking and spoofing

For an ethical hacker, accreditation is a key factor. 70% of the employees want the individual applying as an ethical hacker to have CHECK, CREST, CCT, INF, APP are the popular ones. Other accreditations such as Cisco CCNA, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and (ISC)2 CISSP are to name a few. 

Having your hands over programming languages is a requirement in 25% of the job advertisement, but it is not necessarily crucial for all hacking jobs. Not all the members of a hacking team are coders. Just as important as hard skills like coding, soft skills such as psychology are essential in ethical hacking. 

Ethical Hacker in London

The growth in the number of jobs for cybersecurity in London continues to outstrip supply by a notable amount. At the moment, ethical hacking is much in vogue. Organizations now have their own Blue Teams to keep a check on their systems and software. Security services providers and vendors are struggling to meet the requirements for red Teams. The system is then attacked to find the vulnerabilities. 

All of this means that there is a growing job market for ethical hackers in London. When outstrip supply is demanded, it provides many opportunities, especially for the self-motivated. It also makes it difficult for organizations keen to look for someone who has those skills. 

The most crucial part of this whole thing is the rise of soft skills’ requirements compared to university education. Did you know that “Cyber Re: coded” took place in London. It is one of Europe’s most significant cyber careers shows. Individuals with little or no experience could look for a great offer from this opportunity. 


Yes, ethical hacking is a flourishing career in London. One must possess the right skills required to become an outstanding ethical hacker. Beginners can start with an ethical hacking course in London which will help kick-start the journey in ethical hacking. 

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