Who Called Me From This Phone Number: How to Check and Best Platforms

Who Called Me From This Phone Number: How to Check and Best Platforms

At times, your mobile phone’s screen shows an unknown number. This number has not been saved by you. No wonder you are curious, who could this be?

Upon receiving the call, you turn anxious to know who called me from this phone number. This anxiety is quite natural, as you can get a false call or a call from a person with criminal and doubtful antecedents.

Here, you must be cautious. If you find that the person is of doubtful character, you can easily lodge a report with the police station to play it safe.

Calls from unknown numbers often irritate you. The reason is that you may be busy with some urgent work, either at home, at your workplace, or in a business establishment. As a result, such calls disturb you. It distracts your attention from the job you are engaged in.

At the same time, telemarketers and call center operators often use an unknown number for marketing purposes, which irritates you. There are spam calls, too. Calls from unknown numbers keep coming to mobile phone users. This is a common problem.

But it also has another important aspect. The caller may be your old friend, a job recruiter, a prospective customer or client, a relative, or a person ringing you up for some useful purpose. Such purposes may be helpful for you.

How do I know who called me at this phone number?

The call might have been important for you. It often happens that you consider an unknown number unimportant, false, the call of a scammer, or a sales call. But the caller can also be genuine and may have called you for a valid reason and a purpose that can be useful both for you and the caller.

Due to this, we cannot afford to ignore the identity of the caller. If you don’t call back, upon finding the true identity of the person, you may later repent. 

As a job seeker, the recruiter might have called you for an initial telephonic screening or may be directly calling you for an interview. It is quite possible that, as a business owner, you received the call from a prospective customer.

You never know. Due to this reason, you should ascertain who the caller is. For this, you can take advantage of digital help. You can use the different platforms available for this purpose.

The easiest and most proven way to find out the details of the caller is to use a reverse phone lookup service. This is the quickest and easiest method to identify the caller. Reverse phone lookup services can help you know:

  1. Whom has this telephone number been allotted to?
  2. What is the identity or name of the number’s owner?
  3. Contact details.
  4. Public record of the person.
  5. Social media profile of the unknown caller.
  6. Place from where the call has been made.

In short, you get complete details about the caller. This helps you know whether the person is important to you or not. If the caller is important, you can call that person.

The Best Sites to Use to Know the Identity of the Caller

There are a large number of digital and AI-enabled sites that can help you identify the caller. Due to this reason, it is always wise to zero in on a call detection service provider that is good, reliable, fast, and user-friendly. 

For this, a comparative study of sites happens to be quite necessary. You may go to their website and see the features. If the features are identical, then you must read the feedback of earlier users. If the feedback is positive, you can consider using the services of the company. 

We are listing below the most useful and effective sites that you can use to know who the caller is: 

  1. BeenVerified: This is a useful site. The charge of the service provider is also quite moderate: you can pay for a week’s trial or sign up for a month or three months by paying a moderate fee or subscription. BeenVerified allows you to know the first and last name, alternative name, and aliases of the caller, along with full details of residential and office addresses, email IDs, and social media accounts.
  2. TruthFinder: A paid service, TruthFinder can give you all the details of the caller, including the first and last name, alternative name, and aliases of the caller, as well as full details of residential and office addresses, email IDs, and social media accounts. You can also get a photograph of the caller, location history, and other information related to the caller. The caller’s employment history can also be made available to you.
  3. Intelius: This platform lets you know all about the unknown caller. This reverse phone lookup service charges you a moderate fee for its services. You can get the caller’s first and last name, alternative name, and aliases, along with full details of their residential and office addresses, email ID, and social media accounts.
  4. Instant Checkmate: This is quite an effective reverse call service. It has paid subscription plans. You also get a five-day trial service for a nominal payment. The services you get are identical to other services. You get the caller’s first and last name, alternative name, and aliases, along with full details of residential and office addresses, an email ID, and a social media account. The employer history of the caller is also available to you.
  5. PeopleFinders: For the caller’s background checking, it could be ideal for you. This is due to the fact that it gives you a complete profile of the caller, including name, email ID, home and office addresses, employment or business history, and social media account.
  6. Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup: This very speedy paid service is user-friendly. This ultra-sophisticated platform can analyze 12 billion public records and 100 social media networks to search for the details of the unknown caller. The services of this reverse caller service enable you to know the caller’s name, email ID, home and office addresses, employment or business history, and social media account.
  7. WhatIsThisNumber: This reliable caller finder gives you complete details of the caller’s name, address, social media profiles, and additional contact number. This is a free caller detection service that is known for its speedy results. The service is quite reliable.
  8. FastPeopleSearch: This offers free service. FastPeopleSearch is one of the best platforms to know the criminal background of people. As a mobile phone user, you must know if the caller has a criminal background. This search engine allows you to search for the caller’s name, social media contacts, information about the individual’s education, address, and employment history. The search result is visible on your screen.
  9. Whocallsme: With a strong database, this caller finder generates a comprehensive report about the unknown caller. The report lets you know the caller’s name, social media contact, and information about the individual’s education, address, and employment history. The service on this website is free.
  10. TruePeopleSearch: This is a free search engine available on web browsers and mobile phones. But you can avail of its service on behalf of a caller who resides in the USA. It collects all records from public resources, such as birth certificates, known relatives, traffic tickets, email IDs, criminal record databases, and phone bills.
  11. NumLooker: This free service allows you to identify unknown callers’ full names, criminal records, relatives, friends, and educational records. You can even find useful information like email IDs, employment histories, information about social security numbers, and social media pages. This phone look-up service acts quite fast.
  12. CocoFinder: A free service provider, CocoFinder is considered a very reliable and good caller-finder search engine. The search engines allow us to know all about the caller’s name, social media contact, and information about the individual’s education, address, and employment history. 

How Do I Select a Good Who Called Me Service Provider? 

When you are zeroing in on a service provider, there are some factors that you must take into account to seamlessly know details about the unknown caller from an unknown number. 

We are explaining below these important factors for you: 

Consider database accuracy. This is vitally important. Since the caller from an unknown number could be a criminal or a person of doubtful antecedents, you must know the source from which the facts have been taken. In other words, the source from which the service provider gathers information is very important. In this regard, you should consider the following points:

  • Ensure the database is from the public domain.
  • Rely on court records about the person, if anything relates to legal issues.
  • Police station criminal records to know if the caller is a criminal
  • Property records
  • Phone carrier reports 

These sources would be accurate, and you can be sure about the identity of the caller and the person’s background. 

Service Provider’s Features: This should be a thing of major consideration for you. You should look for the following features:

  • The service must be available for both Android and iOS apps.
  • Another important feature is that it must give you both individual search reports and membership search reports.
  • The reputation of a service provider is important to you. You must do a little research on the service provider and also gather feedback from current users.

 Ease of Use: Your service provider must allow you to access reports on desktops, tablets, PCs, and mobile apps. If they put restrictions on the use of devices, you will face problems. 

To avoid this, you should be careful about the following points pertaining to ease of use: 

  • Most devices must access reports.
  • The search process should be easy. You can put the phone number into a search bar and generate a report.
  • You must look for the time factor. It must be quick.
  • Both the landline phone number and the mobile phone number must be searched.

Money Value or Pricing: While some of the service providers charge a monthly subscription fee, some do not. You should know that the search results for free services are also quite good and reliable. It is now up to you to select a paid service or a free service. Some paid services charge a nominal or moderate fee, while others charge quite a lot. You should go for the service provider who charges less.

Transparency: There should be total transparency regarding the service. The service provider must give you a guarantee about the search result. A transparent company will always divulge the sources from which it gathered the data. If they don’t mention that the data is derived from public domain sources like court records, hospital records of date of birth, parentage records, and police records, then the veracity of the report is far from being absolutely reliable. What matters to you is the exact identity of the unknown caller. Due to this, you must know the truth. The truth can be ascertained only from these records.

These are major factors to consider before going for a service. You must know that the call came from an unknown source among the thousands of phone users. This is a major problem in identifying the user of the number. This necessitates consideration of these factors. 


Who called me from this unknown number has emerged as particularly troublesome, as marketing staff, salespeople, spammers, and product or service sellers often collect telephone numbers from telephone companies and make calls at random. You can avoid this by subscribing to a call detection service’s paid plans. You get details of unwanted or unknown calls almost immediately. Besides, you can also avail of the benefit of PDF-down. Most of the service providers create for you a PDF file with all the details about the caller. They email or WhatsApp you the PDF file. You can download this file to learn all about the caller.


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