Character AI No Filter: Top Character AI Alternatives Without NSFW Filter

Character AI No Filter: Top Character AI Alternatives Without NSFW Filter

If you want to bypass the strict Character AI policy imposed against Not Safe for Work (NSFW) contents, you can do so by following certain alternative routes. NSFW rules of Character AI bar many videos, website pages, and content from viewing or visiting.

To make NSFW effective, Character AI uses multiple filters and (non-viewing) shields. It is quite difficult to breach such filters to view restricted contents. But the fact remains that if you can bypass the filters, you can watch them.

Alternative options are there for Character AI no filter. Such options are gaining popularity, as the NSFW tag often turns out to be quite frustrating for viewers of videos and contents. Such ultra-sophisticated digital mechanisms make it possible to outwit the NSFW tag.

Character AI imposes a number of restrictions. Such restrictions are 18+, and bypassing them is quite difficult. It is here where the utility of alternative sophisticated digital means to outwit NSFW comes in.

It is important to know that even beta Character AI also does not allow NSFW contents as part of its zero-tolerance policy to inappropriate materials exposed in videos and inappropriate discussions carried out through chatting platforms and chatbots.

Why Character AI Imposed NSFW Content Restriction Clause?

As a policy of best practice in internet search, Character AI strictly follows the principle of proper-content materials and stops all improper contents. The company strictly adheres to this policy.

As a result, you cannot view or access anything and everything from the internet. To fully implement this policy, Character AI uses NSFW to bar you from total freedom of accessing any content or viewing any video. The company does not even allow access to inappropriate conversations. NSFW contents are practically banned totally by Character AI.

Alternatives to Character AI

Unrestricted content access can be made possible to bypass Character AI and breach the NSFW filters. There are some digital platforms that you can use to have unrestricted content access. People are using alternatives to Character AI platforms due to the strict imposition of its NSFW filter, which bars users from accessing anything and everything from the internet. We are listing below some popular platforms that can be used as alternatives to Character AI:

  • AI: This online platform uses AI algorithms to serve your purpose of accessing NSFW contents. This NSFW content bypassing site offers lifelike virtual companions for genuine and deep conversations, and you can personalize interactions with their AI companion. It has both free access and premium service. You have to pay a subscription to avail the premium service.
  • Promptchan AI: This alternative platform can help you penetrate the protective layers of Character AI to view blocked videos and also access chatting platforms and view restricted contents. Different tools of Promptchan AI can enable you to create lifelike NSFW pictures and independent texts.
  • SoulGen: This bypassing website is for adults, and you can create animated characters with their hairstyle, body shape, skin color, and clothing, imaginative landscapes, and captivating portraits. It has a face-shape tool that allows you to create different facial looks. Though it has a free trial, you have to pay after this trial period is over.
  • ai: This platform has its AI Chatbot and dynamically adjusts to user’s linguistic patterns. A benefit of using this bypassing system is that it would not reveal the personal identity of the user while engaged in chatting. The AI used in this system generates human-like responses during chatting. It has a free trial period. After this, you have to subscribe by paying money.
  • Crushon.AI: This is an AI chat service platform. You can use it for unfiltered conversations and chat in an unrestricted manner. By using its special tool Create Character, you can create a personalized character and give a name to it. The character can mimic human speech patterns, show emotions, moods, and also behave in different manners. It has both a free plan and a subscription plan.
  • Chai App: This is an alternative to Character AI. You can use it for chatting. It has various chatbots to talk like a tutor, therapist, and friend. Multiple conversations have been made possible by this platform. Chai App is available through its website or can be downloaded as an app on iPhone and Android devices. Downloading is free up to 100 messages a day but chargeable for more than 100 messages per day.
  • Janitor AI: This bypassing platform allows you to generate conversations on any topic by disabling NSFW filters. You can also use it for fun, educational purposes, and recreation and generate casual conversations to animated characters created by you using special Janitor AI tools. It is free.
  • ChatFAI: A bypassing system to Character AI, it can be used for chatting and also discuss various things with artificial AI created characters. It has a unique memory system that enables this platform to converse with you as it is not your own created artificial character but a real living person. Up to 100 messages, you don’t have to pay anything. But on crossing this limit, you have to pay.
  • PygmalionAI: PygmalionAI chatbot is ideal for unrestricted conversations and also chat on NSFW topics which are otherwise restricted by Character AI. PygmalionAI maintains users’ privacy and also can create content for various social media platforms for you. It allows access to contents of all types and viewing videos of all types. This is free.
  • Tavern AI: This platform allows you to create AI bots through which you can carry out conversations and also have the benefit to select a different chatbot. It is unfiltered, and NSFW filter cannot disable it. You can select your topic of conversation or chat on any subject. There is no restriction to it. You can also edit and change conversations and messages. This is ideal for group chat. It is free.
  • Novel AI: Having a user-friendly interface, Novel AI also uses pre-defined characters. Users also can create various characters. Though it is free, it has premium services for which you have to pay. It is mainly used for story plot weaving, storytelling contents, text adventures and image creation.
  • Kuki: If you want a conversational experience without any restrictions, you should go for Kuki chat service. It sidesteps all NSFW restrictions. You can use this service by paying a monthly subscription. The payment allows you to carry out 100,000 chat conversions.
  • Cleverbot: This AI chat service has both free and paid versions. The specialty of this platform is that the user can conduct human-like interactions with a bot and use all NSFW-themed contents. This platform is gaining popularity across the world.
  • Live Person: If you are looking for NSFW-free themes, it can suit you. This AI-powered chatbot has the capacity to create natural-sounding conversations that can provide you a nice user experience. To avail of the service, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.
  • Botify AI: This platform can be used for all adult-themed contents. It is unfiltered. This allows you to use all contents that the NSFW tag cannot. Practically speaking, it has no theme-related limitations. It is a paid service.

Though Character AI is globally considered one of the best AI-powered content-generation platforms, due to its NSFW tag, you cannot access contents, see all videos, and carry out chat of any nature. As a result, several other AI-enabled and highly sophisticated digital platforms have emerged that can bypass the NSFW tag of Character AI. All these alternative platforms are quite popular all over the world. What is more, most of these bypassing platforms are free up to a certain extent. If you want to avail privileged services, you can pay.

What are the Main Features of Character AI?

Character AI is considered globally as one of the best AI-generated content and video providers. Due to its in-built digital and AI-generated superior technology, this platform has gained global popularity. This platform is known for the following features:

  • Ability to create realistic human characters with human-like behavioral patterns.
  • This platform is free.
  • Character AI uses complex AI algorithms enabling it to create real-life-like conversations and vocal elements of artificially created characters.
  • It totally refrains from giving adult-themed contents. This has enhanced its global acceptability.
  • It follows the regime of self-censorship, thus making its contents reliable and widely accepted.
  • This platform’s layer of filters makes it almost impossible to access adult contents.
  • These features are the main features of Character AI. Due to its content filters, this is considered one of the safest platforms for entertainment and recreation.

What are the Main Features of Other NSFW-Free Platforms?

Due to Character AI’s restrictive practice, the users seek other platforms that don’t bar NSFW contents meant for adults. It is this factor of content restriction that the users look for other platforms. 

Most of the NSFW-free chatbots and platforms show identical features. We are listing below these common features:

  • Image, icon creation facility extended by AI.
  • Availability of digital tools to create, re-create, edit and customize the picture of characters (like you can use different dresses or attires for your characters).
  • You can view other pictorial characters created by different users. You can follow their models.
  • Platforms allow you to use various digital tools for your different purposes.
  • Most of the platforms have both a free version and a paid service.
  • Users can manage and build custom bots.
  • You can animate pictures or characters.
  • All adult contents are available.
  • You can share your experience on social media.
  • Have conversational sound facility.

Almost all such platforms have these common features. Due to this reason, you can bypass Character AI’s restrictions by going to other such platforms which have no bar for adult contents. One of the primary reasons why users look for bypassing Character AI is its multiple restrictions and filters against viewing or accessing adult contents and non-allowance of explicit chats. Due to this reason, users now are going to other platforms for an unrestricted user experience.

What are the Criteria for Finding Alternative Platforms to Character AI?

The very strict censor policy of Character AI is forcing users to look for alternative sites for entertainment. But you should take certain factors into account before you zero in on an alternative platform. We are giving below primary considerations that you should make to finally go for an alternative site:

NSFW Content Factor: Your first point of thought should relate to selecting a site that allows NSFW videos, chats, and all other contents. This directly means such a site should not have any filter like Character AI.

AI Chatbot Library: You must keep this point in mind while selecting a platform. Such a platform should have a large selection of premade AI chatbots.

Character Creation: This should be a major criterion. The users must have tools to create an icon of characters and have the benefit of customization.

Availability of Platforms: Users must be able to use the platform on both the website and App.

Payment, Charges & Subscription: Monetary consideration should be a major factor. Though most of the platforms have both limited use tags and unlimited use tags by paying a monthly fee, you must consider this factor. There are some platforms that are free. If you want premium services, you can go for the paid version.


One of the reasons for Character AI and NSFW is to promote ethical and healthy contents. In other words, the NSFW-tag of Character AI aims to impose restrictions on viewing some contents which are generally considered as unethical. Due to this reason, Character AI uses a large number of filters to bar people from accessing those contents. It is a part of the best practice in content viewing. But there are people who want to view videos and go to contents unrestricted. Due to this reason, short-cut or bypassing techniques to Character AI and NSFW have come into existence. Using these techniques, you can view restricted contents.


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