What are the best feminized seeds?

What are the best feminized seeds?


Growing cannabis remains illegal in most countries. However, did you know that this product can be a guarantee of your health if you include it in your diet? So instead of germinating, you can buy cannabis seeds online at the Herbies store and boost your health with the many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients contained in such seeds. 

And still, such seeds can be planted directly on a window sill, or on a personal plot. Of course, if it is allowed by the laws of the place where you live. There has been a lot of discussion lately about whether to use feminized seeds to grow marijuana. Let’s focus on this issue and determine which is better.

What is a feminized seed? The main benefits

Feminized seeds were invented by removing male chromosomes so that marijuana could produce only female plants. By the way, the same buds of cannabis that are so fond of smoking are the same female plants. They contain more THC and CBD, so the effect is much stronger. However, this is not the only advantage of having selectively female seeds.

● If the total mass of seeds is exclusively feminized, you will have less hassle with caring for male marijuana.

● Your garden will yield more, and you know that the whole garden area is used productively.

● You can set up production on a large scale.

Quality seeds do not contain male seeds at all, as well as hermaphroditic individuals. This is the quality standard that all breeders adhere to.

The best varieties of feminized seeds according to professionals

According to the level of yield and ease of cultivation, the best varieties are those that are on this list:

● Gelato 33 hybrid variety. It spreads the scent, but contains a lot of THC, and is therefore highly valued on the market.

● White widow relaxes and is, therefore, best suited for therapeutic purposes.

● Bubble Gum is a tall variety with a pleasant fruity aroma and sweet aftertaste.

● Critical is a very popular variety due to the fact that it works powerfully and efficiently.

● Green Crack Punch is the perfect combination of a light relaxing effect with the ability of the mind to stay completely sober and alert.

Feminized seeds can be cloned. This means that from the seeds of your crop you will be able to grow another one, and then repeat this cycle again. So why not take advantage of this?

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