We got a lot about how to uninstall chromium

We got a lot about how to uninstall chromium

Many of the chrome users are facing this issue about how to uninstall or delete the chrome browser from systems and as they were trying to uninstall the chrome it is not getting out of the list and still appearing, so then this caught into our attention and we made some suitable changes that can be an outstanding thing to deal with, as some of the fake chrome packages were being found as malware that was there with sharing available in some sites for download and this is making an issue in the system that is downloaded.

So coming to know about chrome, it is well known as the chromium this is a browser with open source project that got created by the google, as the name itself means like google chrome, so coming up with the latest version of it is having many features, as we all know that this can be easily downloaded by any in the world from anywhere into their pc, as this is open-source and can be with its source code and due to that any person can download the source code and then make some modification by recompiling into the working web browser, and so this can be very dangerous for every pc that will at risk.

We need to know how to find

After making detailed research over this issue we made all the root causes that can lead to this issue with how to delete or remove the chrome browser from the system and also made a report on how to identify about what can be the malware that is making up this issue and how can we identify this harmful malware in the chrome to save ourselves from the risk of being attacked.

We also found that somewhere in the globe they were making this open-source and making malwares and making these harmful downloads available all the way in many websites, this can be easily re-compiled to a web browser that is at working and due to this, the security will be into high risk. There are some easy ways to find the malware chromes set for downloads and so by identifying that we will be out from the risk of downloading on to the systems.

Identifying points:

  1. we can find them easily as we don’t have chrome on our system then of it was suddenly found on the screen installed automatically and this can be identified as the malware that got up into the system when we downloaded any other app and this malware is tied to that and got into the system along with it.
  2. Sometimes we can see that our browser that is set as default will change even with our permission and will automatically set chrome as the default browser so this can also be some malware case.
  3. We can also easily identify, as the browser is making its frequent adds that are pop-ups coming up whenever we are browsing something in the chrome can also be included like this.
  4. Some of the situations even we don’t have an option to block the ads that are coming up and this can also be malware to identify.

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