Strategic Outreach: Do’s & Don’ts For Volunteer Recruitment Email (2024)

Strategic Outreach: Do’s & Don’ts For Volunteer Recruitment Email (2024)

One of the most effective ways to attract skilled volunteers to your nonprofit is crafting engaging recruitment emails. Yes, we are talking about volunteer recruitment email and its importance. It may become your tool to attract potential and dedicated candidates if it successfully expresses the benefits of joining your organization. 

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Why Do You Need to Understand Do’s & Don’ts for Volunteer Recruitment Email?

Planning to grow your team soon? Of course, you’ll need to learn how to craft a recruitment email that’s effective and convincing. A recruitment mail is crucial for engaging potential volunteers. They convey the organization’s mission, values, and impact. They personalize the invitation, highlighting the meaningful contribution volunteers can make. That’s why, keeping yourself updated with all the do’s and don’ts is more helpful. This way you can also avoid common mistakes and craft an email that won’t fail to capture the attention of your target audience. 

Crafting Recruitment Emails: Do’s

Crafting Recruitment Emails: Do’s

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  1. Personalize your Approach: 

At each stage, the email has to look interesting and that’s why begin it by addressing the recipient by their name.  This way you can create a personal connection that works for building relationships. But isn’t the personalization of recruitment emails a difficult task? Not really. After all, you can take the help of volunteer management software to get access to all the important data of the candidates. This way, you can also customize the content of the emails based on their skills and interests. 

  1. Explain the Benefits

Skilled volunteers will join your organization only when they realize that it’s a great opportunity for them. That’s why you must highlight all the benefits of joining your organization while crafting the volunteer recruitment email. Moreover, your content has to be powerful and trustworthy to prove your points. So, share some of your success stories and testimonials or even statistics to explain the success of other volunteers at your organization. This may inspire other dedicated candidates to join your mission. 

  1. Call to Action (CTA): 

There should not be any confusion for the recipients about the actions that they can take. So, clearly mention the action that you want recipients to take while crafting the email. So, keep in mind the purpose of email when you start writing it. If it’s about inviting them to join an event or any interview, don’t forget to share the link. Such a type of email is also ideal for sharing application forms. 

  1. Provide Relevant Information

It’s not just a recruitment email but a great scope to share everything about your organization. So, along with your mission, you can also share details about the roles. Through this particular email share the requirements of the role and all your desired skills. Moreover, share all your future plans for the volunteers that you’re about to onboard through this process. For instance, share the training programs and events that will be conducted for the volunteers. 

Recruitment Emails: Don’t’s

  1. Generic Messaging: 

The recipients would love to continue reading the mail that is written for them. That’s why, avoid crafting generic emails that fail to resonate with the recipients. So, take time to create messages based on their skills and interests. Also, keep in mind the details that you’ve received through previous interactions. 

  1. Avoid Long Emails

Yes, it has to be interesting and informative. However, don’t stuff it with unnecessary information and form a long email. The content has to be concise and must include clear CTAs. Thus don’t just explain your points but also help them make decisions with an appropriate email. 

  1. Avoid Being too Formal:

Of course, it’s a formal recruitment email. But it must not be too formal so that recipients don’t feel any connection. That’s why, choose a conversational tone while crafting such an important email. Maintain the tone even while sharing all your requirements. After all, you’re looking to expand your team and searching for more comrades. For this reason, being formal with the applicants won’t help. 

  1. Don’t Neglect Follow-up Emails: 

Sending one recruitment email may not be sufficient. For this reason, your team will have to craft a few more emails that you can send as reminders. This will also help you know what they are thinking or if they are interested in this opportunity or not. You can also share additional information that needs to be shared with such email. In case you have changes in an event or the onboarding process, take the help of such follow-up emails. 


Sending volunteer recruitment emails is not that difficult. But crafting it requires your care and proper knowledge. So, keep in mind the points that we have shared here which you must apply while crafting emails. Volunteer recruitment email strategy is a crucial stage that may help you attract potential candidates with more ease. So, work on crafting useful and stronger emails that will speak on behalf of your organization. Make sure it expresses the opportunity in a simple language while reflecting professionalism. So, start building your team that will help you achieve more success and grow further. 


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