Symbols and Scatter in Gates of Olympus

Symbols and Scatter in Gates of Olympus

In the Gates of Olympus, the Scatter symbol stands out as a key element among numerous features. It unlocks additional opportunities in the game. Before starting to bet on a slot machine, it is important to review the entire paytable. Get detailed information about each element in the game and how much it pays. 

What is a Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols are a common feature in slots, and they add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Typically, when these symbols appear on the reels, they can trigger various bonuses:

  1. Free Spins. Landing a certain number of scatters typically grants players a set number of free spins. Winnings can accumulate without deducting from the player’s balance.
  2. Multiplier. Scatter signs often come with multiplier effects. When triggered, these multipliers enhance the value of winnings during free spins or regular gameplay Gates of Olympus slot.
  3. Bonus rounds. Scatters can unlock specific bonus rounds, where gamblers can participate in interactive games or additional challenges to earn extra rewards.
  4. Special wilds. In some slots, scatters may transform into wild symbols during specific features. These special wilds can substitute for other signs, increasing the likelihood of forming winning combinations.
  5. Cash prizes. Certain online slots offer direct cash prizes when a designated number of scatter symbols appear on the reels, regardless of their position.
  6. Progressive jackpots. Scatters may contribute to the accumulation of the jackpot. A certain combination of these signs can make it possible to hit the jackpot. 
  7. Re-spins. Scatters activate additional retriggers. Players get a chance to collect winning combinations without an additional bet.
  8. Sign upgrades. Some slots feature scatter-triggered sign upgrades. Lower-paying signs transform into higher-paying ones, boosting the potential for significant wins.

In Gates of Olympus, the scatter symbol takes the form of Zeus, the mighty Greek god. Landing four Zeus activates 15 free spins. The more Zeus appear, the more free spins the player gets. The potential rewards are impressive, with each scatter symbol paying out different amounts. For instance, landing 4 Zeus pays $9 each, increasing to $15 for 5 scatters, and reaching an enticing $300 per symbol. If the player manages to land all 6 in the same round, creating a jackpot opportunity.

Other Symbols in Gates of Olympus

Beyond the Scatter sign, the Gates of Olympus boasts a rich array of signs that contribute to the overall gaming experience. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the symbols and their respective payouts:

CrownMajestic and regal, the Crown sign represents the pinnacle of wealth in the game.

12-30 $100 10-11 $50 8-9 $20
HourglassTime is of the essence, and the Hourglass symbol reminds players of the fleeting moments in the pursuit of fortune.

12-30 $50 10-11 $20 8-9 $5
RingSymbolizing commitment and fortune, the Ring adds a touch of elegance to the reels.

12-30 $30 10-11 $10 8-9 $4
CupOverflowing with wealth, the Cup symbol promises bountiful rewards to those who uncover its secrets.

12-30 $24 10-11 $4 8-9 $2
RubyRadiant and precious, the Ruby symbol captures the essence of luxury and prosperity.

12-30 $20 10-11 $3 8-9 $2
AmethystWith its enchanting purple hue, the Amethyst sign brings a sense of mystique to the game.   12-30 $16 10-11 $2.40 8-9 $1.60
TopazGleaming with golden warmth, the Topaz symbol embodies the potential for golden wins.

12-30 $10 10-11 $2 8-9 $1
SapphireCool and alluring, the Sapphire sign invites players to dive into a sea of winnings.

12-30 $8 10-11 $1.8 8-9 $0.8
EmeraldSymbolizing luck and prosperity, the Emerald adds a vibrant green touch to the reels.

12-30 $4 10-11 $1.5 8-9 $0.5

How to play Gates of Olympus

Playing Gates of Olympus is a straightforward yet thrilling experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to dive into the action:

  1. Choose an online casino. Begin by selecting a reputable online casino that offers the Gates of Olympus slot. Ensure the casino is licensed and provides a secure gaming environment.
  2. Make a deposit. After deciding on a casino, deposit to the account. Check out the available payment methods and find the one most suitable.
  3. Learn the rules. Take a moment to read and understand the rules of the game. Knowing the ins and outs enhances the overall gaming experience.
  4. Place a bet. In Gates of Olympus, a player can stake between $0.20 and $100. Adjust the bet according to preferences and budget.
  5. Symbol combinations. Aim to collect eight identical signs on the reels to secure a win. Each sign comes with its payout, adding to the excitement of potential big wins.

With these simple steps, gamblers can immerse themselves in the world of the Gates of Olympus and explore the divine riches that await those who dare to spin the reels. Good luck in search of mythical treasures! 

Bottom line

In the captivating realm of slot games, scatter symbols emerge as the heralds of exhilarating possibilities. As they grace the reels with their presence, a symphony of bonuses and special features comes to life. The powerful Zeus sign in the Gates of Olympus beckons players to a realm where the potential for riches knows no bounds.

As the reels dance to the rhythm of chance, Zeus not only unlocks the gateway to 15 free spins but also tantalizes with the prospect of extraordinary payouts. Moreover, the diverse cast of symbols, from the regal Crown to the radiant Sapphire, adds layers of visual splendor to the gaming experience. Each symbol, with its distinct charm, contributes to the intricate tapestry of the Gates of Olympus, making every spin a visual feast. In the hands of players, this slot becomes a conduit to a world where free spins, multiplier boosts, and jackpot dreams intertwine.


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