Using antimalware Service Executable for High CPU Usage

Using antimalware Service Executable for High CPU Usage

High usage of CPU can affect a lot on its performance and life span of its capabilities can be reduced by antimalware service executable services with multifunctioning in real-time, like connections, scanning all files in the computer, working parallel on many applications by scanning many files can be so time taking and this is an operation that is made by antimalware Service Executable and here the file with MsMpEng.exe is used as Windows Defender Program with its valuable Windows defender service, and so the services offered by this can be all about protecting the system like defending our pc from harmful and dangerous viruses.

when we are going to scan for complete pc and we can clearly find that the performance can reduce to very low levels and lagging in the works, the running applications might be lagging with low processing speed and can be hanged, so while dealing with all these multi-tasking works we just need to be so patient as the protection defender is making all the pc files scanned completely so that this can be like combusting the CPU controls by the defender and this may take a lot of time to settle. So we need to give some space of time to our local PC’s to make their scan to finish, this can be like some hours to scan completely, so we need to make it do all the scanning and after that, the CPU usage can be left free and normal to use with good performance.

Checking Windows Defender Program:

We got go by making some changes to the antimalware service executable program so that can easily find that if the usage of CPU is being really sorting out the usage of CPU for better, is simply by disabling it for checking windows defender program is really making our pc to work with better usage with its services, and this can be easily done by Windows 7 also so that everyone will get to know whether the antimalware service executable is making high usage on CPU or not.

Files of Defender: So here we need to make some changes about how to fix the files that are corrupted here in window defender program, so to check and fix them we need to download any of the best tools to make it work for our requirement and here we got the tool and it is Reimage Plus, so by downloading and running this tool can completely trace out all the corrupted files by in-depth scanning and also can repair the missing as well as corrupted files, so hitting them with all the access to make changes in every step we can go with the report that it had fixed all the corrupted files of the antimalware service executable program, and if the report goes not fixed then we can go with next method if the CPU usage is still high because of antimalware service executable program.

Making the antimalware service executable suitable changes:

Step 1: Here we can simply go with hitting on the left side menu with the start button and just give the name of the tool there as Administrative Tools and just click on it open, from there go to Window explorer and find the option as task scheduler and just by double-clicking on it we can open into the left pane of it and there browse with the path of Library/Microsoft/Windows/Windows defender.

Step 2: So here we will be into the Windows defender folder and go with hitting on scheduled scan and then we can go with finding properties, there we can find run with the highest privileges to uncheck under the general tab.

Step 3:Now by clicking the Properties that were available on the right pane, then go with finding the triggers tab there we need to click on for new one to reschedule this by making our priorities of going it for on basis of weekly, monthly and then click ok by marking the day.

Step 4:so this process of making the antimalware service executable suitable changes with rescheduling as per our interest.

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