Track One’s Productivity And Responsiveness With Kanban

If you want to be successful in today’s fast-paced world, just being productive is not enough as everyone around you is following the same path for getting tangible results. If you climb on the bandwagon with herd instinct, standing out from the crowd will become out of the question for you.

So, instead of just working on increasing your productivity and doing the hard work, you need to do the smart work here by keeping track of how productive you are. It works just like modern marketing methods where just running an ad campaign is not enough as you have to keep tabs on the ads’ ROI and current performance.

This is where the Kanban method comes into the picture. Through Kanban, you can easily measure productivity, keep a score of things to be done and what has already been completed. And by constantly churning your to-do list, you can enhance your productivity and well-being.

In this blog post, we will master the art of keeping tabs on your productivity and responsiveness with Kanban.

Here are some functions of the Kanban board and instructions on using them to keep track of your productivity.

Reviewing the done column

Although there are various ways of using the Kanban method for tracking productivity, you should begin with the easiest method of reviewing the Done Column. But since people usually share the Kanban board with others in the firm, it becomes necessary to filter the board for tasks assigned only to you.

After filtering and reviewing, the Done column will give details about the project regarding what role you are playing and not what the whole team has to undertake. Even the filtering process is a pie since all you have to do is click on the Board Filters and then choose ‘Assigned to me’ from the drop-down menu.

Automatically generated metrics

If you plan to use a more systematic approach instead of just reviewing the column, you can use the automatically generated metrics. These metrics usually build up as work gets completed on the board. This is also one of the main reasons people are flocking towards digital boards and abandoning physical boards.

Both the time report and the breakdown chart play a crucial role in tracking individual productivity. You must understand that the breakdown chart shows the current workload per task type while the time report shows the total amount of time given to each task. In addition to this, you can also use cycle time and lead time for keeping tabs on the average time consumed by every process step.

Search and filter functionality

A lot of information can be harnessed from the search and filter functionality of the board. With the help of this functionality, you can find tasks related to every possible type of parameter on the virtual level. And if you are using a highly customized board, you can even design fully customizable notifications and send them to different people using process automation utility. This will also help you report for any task that is of specific interest to your productivity.

My work

Another function of the Kanban board that you can use for keeping an eye on your productivity is the My Work section. In a multi-board, an auto-populated list of one’s tasks is baked right into the system. You should know that the My Work feature has been designed for individual productivity only, and therefore including this function in this article was necessary.

Every task that is assigned to you appears in the My Work section. You can use this section to sort, time, and work on the individual tasks directly through this feature. This means, instead of spending time finding the assignments assigned to you, you can begin on the individual tasks right away.

Equip yourself with a mobile app

In addition to equipping yourself with all the features of the Kanban board for keeping track of your productivity, you can level up the tracking of individual tasks by using mobile apps. Instead of just relying on the desktop or laptop and confining yourself to the office hours for tracking productivity and working on assignments, you can use mobile apps and work from anywhere and at any time.

By having the option of reviewing and updating your work progress from anywhere, you will no longer be dependent upon your office desktop, giving every employee a better chance to improve. And using mobile apps becomes crucial if you spend most of your time in public commute spaces.

If used well, the Kanban board can give you a clear picture of how productive you have been throughout the project’s progress. So, instead of just working on the team goals and forgetting about your input, use the features mentioned on the board mentioned in this blog post and grow at the individual level.

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