Chemistry Guide in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Chemistry Guide in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Chemistry is one of the most crucial aspects of FIFA Ultimate Team. Actually, the game revolves around it.

A good chemistry rating can help your team perform like Barcelona in 2011, while a bad chemistry rating may cause you to struggle in the most competitive mode of Ultimate Team.

This is the most comprehensive FIFA 21 chemistry guide for the Ultimate Team. We conducted an in-depth search and found all the content to be discussed on this topic, including the impact of chemical substances, alternatives, team management and how to obtain the best chemical substances. The best site to buy FIFA coins, please check here.

If you have used our tips to improve the chemistry of the entire team, please refer to the following FIFA 21 Chemistry Style to fine-tune each player in the squad.

FIFA 21 chemistry: How to work?

Each player in the ultimate team has chemistry data, with a full score of 10. When you are viewing your team, flick the right one time to see the level of its player card. By looking at this overlay, you should see the connection between the strong and the weak in the team. The team’s overall chemical ability is capped at 100, so you want to increase the chemical ability of individual players to achieve this target.

When two players linked by your selected formation share a country, league or club, the chemistry will increase. Therefore, if you have two players side by side, they are from the same country, the same league and the same club, then as long as the two teams are in the right positions, they will have a perfect 10/10 chemical connection between them. In the formation, play the roles assigned by their player card.

Two Basic Chemistry Types

Here are some basic chemistry concepts to help you get started. There are two kinds of chemistry in FUT, player chemistry and team chemistry

Player Chemistry

Unlike other game modes, the statistics in Ultimate Team are not static. There are certain items in the Ultimate Team game called “Chemistry Style” that make you change the player’s status.

NIF Ben Yedder has 84 pace and 83 shots. By applying the Hunter chemistry style on his cards, you can increase his stride by 10 and provide a boost of 7 for his shots, allowing you to take him 84 pace and 83 shots converted to 94 and 90 respectively.

Team Chemistry

The rate of team chemistry in FUT 21 can have a positive and negative impact on player’s performance.

  1. When your team’s chemical reaction in FUT 21 reaches 50 points, the player’s statistics will be exactly the same as the data on the cards.
  2. Any score lower than 50 points will reduce their skills by a certain value, and if the chemical composition is zero, all statistics will be reduced by up to 25 points.
  3. Depending on the player, each point exceeding the 50 limits will increase the selected attribute by a few or even several points. The maximum value of each attribute is 99.

Team Chemistry

Player Position

Players are used to playing in certain positions, but they can adapt themselves to similar positions. This will also happen in FUT 21.

Depending on his position, the player may be in one of the following situations:

  • Play the natural position.
    ● Play in a position that is very similar to the natural position.
    ● Play position is somewhat similar to the natural position.
    ● Play position is quite different from the natural position.

You can found position health directly below the player card: green means he is playing in his natural position, orange means he is playing in an adapted position, and red means he is playing in a position very different from his natural position.

When the player’s preferred position does not match the position he wants to play, the position correction card can be used to solve this problem. If these cards show the player’s current preferred location and the location where he will play, then these cards can be successfully applied.

Relation with the Other Players

The more the two players have in common, the higher their chemistry, and the better their performance will be. When two players are placed side by side, they form a connection. Depending on the strength of the relationship (country, league, and club), this connection is represented by a colored link. Since Icon does not have an associated league or club, there will be slight differences in how to calculate the chemical composition of FIFA 21. Basically, the links between them and other icons are good, just like the links between ordinary players and teammates.

The strength of the connection between the two players is only a graphical representation. But this does not mean that these players if their connection is green, they will perform well. What is really important for a single chemical substance is the sum of the strengths of the connections that a particular participant has. The attributes of each player will be affected, not necessarily affect his relationship with his teammates.


Player loyalty is part of the game chemistry system, which can give players additional chemistry points. In order for players to get a loyal chemistry, they need to play at least 10 games for your team. After the tenth game, they will receive membership badges and chemistry points.


Manager league and nation

In addition, you can also use the manager to improve the team’s chemistry, which can be found on the far right of the bench. You need a manager who is suitable for the main nationality and league used by your Ultimate Team club. Unfortunately, not every nationality’s manager, so you may have to compromise. But, in the Manager League, you don’t need to compromise, as you can buy the “Manager League” modifier from the Consumables tab in the transfer market. After completing this operation, if the manager and the player have something in common, you should see the M shield turn green, which will bring a chemical shock.

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