The perks of data storage in cloud

The perks of data storage in cloud

Cloud computing is one of the most revolutionary technologies of the modern-day era which has completely changed the business landscape and daily lives of people. Cloud computing is not a new concept as its roots can be traced back to 90’s but at that time, this amazing technology was in complete infant stage and it took it several years to finally shape into the form in which we witness it today. Now cloud computing is a fully-advanced technological solution which has now become a new normal for most of the people and businesses.

From cloud hosting solutions like QuickBooks hosting to test and development, the influx of cloud computing solutions has allowed businesses and individual to step ahead in the neck-wrenching race of competition. Cloud computing may not be a panacea but it is surely a blessing for the current era. There are various cloud computing implementations being used by the modern era but in this blog post, we are going to talk about one of its most popular usage which is known as cloud storage.

Earlier, businesses were limited to using in-house server for storing their increasing data and online files but cloud made it possible for businesses of all size and types to store their data in the most seamless way possible. Nowadays, there are various cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, Nextcloud. But what is the benefit of using cloud for storage? How businesses are harnessing the benefits of cloud storage? Is it safe to use cloud storage for storing sensitive business data?


You should know that companies using cloud storage are more likely to cut back on operating cost than those who are still using in-house server or other traditional methods of storing data.  According to a recent study, it was found that the average cost of one gigabyte of storage space on cloud is almost 3 cent. But saving on cloud storage is much more than just per gigabyte cost and for knowing these other options of saving, you will have to dig a little deeper into the cloud storage solution. If a business chooses to move to the cloud solution then its cuts down the cost of hard disk, the RAID cards that powers them, the electricity that powers them and the hardware, the hardware service warranty that powers them. In addition to this, cloud storage also reduces the cost of on-premise hardware and software management.


Automation is another big advantage of cloud storage as manual backup and disaster recovery is one of the biggest hassles for most of the businesses. If a person is going for manual data backup then he will have to maintain separate hard disk, keep it safe and then send it to backup location. But cloud storage wipes out all such hassles. With cloud storage solution, the cumbersome task of back up and disaster recovery is simplified. In the robust cloud storage solution, you have to just choose what you need to backup, when you need to backup and the cloud environment will take care of all the things. Automation in backup and disaster recover helps businesses and individuals a lot and it also minimizes the hassle of doing all the things manually.


If you have worked on Google Drive files with other employees at the same time while receiving real-time updates then you know how collaboration is improved through cloud storage. In the traditional method of collaboration, the hassle of sending data back and forth with security risk makes collaboration very complicated and less productive. Cloud storage allows you to enhance your collaboration as the admin has the power to add multiple people on the same and they all can start working together at the same time while getting real-time update for the changes. This minimizes the hassle of sending data back and forth. In addition to this, the security risk associated with adding multiple users on a single project is also minimized.


The level of convenience and peace of mind offered by the exceptional cloud storage solution is amazing. When you use the traditional method of storing data like hard drives or flash drive, then manual intervention and physical handling become paramount. The traditional solution of storing data never gives convenience to the user and it also never gives peace of mind as continuous involvement in the traditional storage. The data stored on the cloud platform is backed up online and it can be easily accessed from anywhere and at anytime. In addition to this, you don’t need to save, label or track information. The convenience provided by cloud computing platform allows you to completely focus on your work instead of being continuously involved with the cloud storage option.

Cloud storage acts as a magic wand for businesses and individuals. If a firm is able to use cloud storage efficiently then it will be able to reap its advantages without any hassle. Using the traditional storage platform makes your business vulnerable to security risk and it also complicates the cloud storage system. Currently, cloud is the most convenient and secured platform for storing data and it is economical as well.

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