Strategies To Follow For Thailand Golden Visa By Investment Programs

Strategies To Follow For Thailand Golden Visa By Investment Programs

Thailand is a popular destination for permanent residency for maximum business associates. This country is overwhelmed with serene and overwhelming beaches, warm climatic conditions, affordability, and a business-friendly environment. So it’s not a surprise that up-to-date entrepreneurs like to settle here with the effort of Thailand Golden Visa agency. Residency by investment in Thailand was introduced when the country had a crisis. 

But during that phase, Thai immigration became more popular. But with the advent of Thailand’s residency by investment program found its root and got recognized as the Thai golden visa. This visa is applicable for foreigners, allowing them to dwell for up to 20 years. 

This residency has massive benefits such as no need to stay, tax benefits, multiple VIP treatments, lounge access, etc. According to the current status, Thailand is known to offer seven golden visa options, among which the popular ones are Elite Ultimate Privilege, Elite Privilege Access, and Elite Easy Access which is easily accessible by the Thailand Golden Visa agency. Based on the entire popular visa applicable for Thailand, further studies are conducted for this article. 

Criteria suitable for Eligibility

According to the rule book, you can become wealthier and qualify for the visa program when you possess at least $1 million in assets and a minimal $80,000 income for over two years. If you are a pensioner, you need to be more appropriate because you have to provide proof of income for $80,000 and $1 million assets in the last two years. But, if you are a digital nomad, you must provide evidence for income and assets that are similar to the pensioner over the last two years. 

Advantage that Comes with Thailand 10 Year Visa Scheme:

This is a long-term visa that comes with added advantages for investors. Let’s look into a few of them:

  • After receiving your residence card, you are liable to receive your work permit automatically. 
  • In any case, if you are working remotely for a foreign company, you need not pay taxes on your worldwide earnings. 
  • Foreign ownership of assets like property and lands is free from taxes. 
  • Your family is permitted to accompany you to Thailand. 
  • Unlike before, you are not compelled to report to Thai immigration authorities every 90 days. 

The Objective of the Thailand Visa Program:

The Thailand government has tried hard to increase the country’s tourism revenue. Within 5 years, the government is expected to move to the scheme to attract millions of wealthy foreigners. The initiative is taken to raise $30 billion for expense, $24 billion for investment, and $8 million for taxation. 

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