What Has Changed In SEO Driving Website Traffic In 2023

What Has Changed In SEO Driving Website Traffic In 2023

There was once a time when a slight keyword change in the meta could drive website traffic. Google changes its algorithm once in a while, and all the marketers would take note and adjust accordingly. Now, we are in 2023, and things do not work smoothly. Here, the pace and frequency of Google making changes have increased. Today, we have specialist teams from reliable SEO agency Londonbased, like Pearl Lemon taking the lead upfront. You can try their local SEO, WordPress SEO, and technical SEO, to name a few. Now, the big question is if SEO works even today or not. 

The Relevance of SEO in 2023

Not many people would indeed agree, but even today, SEO is alive and kicking! Businesses must stay on top of search engines as long as websites and the internet exist. It makes SEO inevitable and unmissable. However, the process of doing SEO has undergone a massive change. You need not do the indexing of the desktop. Yes, we have seen people using black hat techniques to bypass their way of leading the ranking and even getting hit by Google. 

Such situations have changed. Let’s now see how these have changed as we speak. 

Video Marketing – The Leader 

We have seen a sharp rise in video content consumption since the pandemic. 

People had a lot of time to watch YouTube, TikTok, and other video reel or short videos. These have remained the trend and this year too and only more. So, marketers are investing in the same, and Google respects this. Hence, all you need to do now for better traffic is to have regular YouTube uploads, promotions, and viola! You get the Silver Play button and whatnot! 

Battling Competition 

If you select a keyword and search in the search engine, you will notice more searches or answers! By more, we are talking of staggering figures. Google is still leading the race among search engines, making the need for us to do SEO even more important. 

Educating the Users

What worked towards the rise in popularity of SEO is the way Google urged people to share information to people. It only improved matters over the years as rich snippets featured and caused people to shop after they got their answers. 

The Shift in Focus

Google now does not want to put a site up in the ranking ladder just because it checks every box right. Now it wants to know what you want, what would suit your requirements. For instance, if the site has too many backlinks that the user or visitor does not like, Google will not give it brownie points. Google also values the time you spend creating those LinkedIn posts or tweets and helps rank your site. 

SEO will also change in the coming days, so you should buckle up and get ready for more avenues to drive traffic! 

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