How to Check Your R350 Sassa Grant Status Using Sassa Status Check

How to Check Your R350 Sassa Grant Status Using Sassa Status Check

Discover how to lodge an appeal for the SASSA SRD Grant and track the status of your R350 appeal along with other information. The South African Social Security Agency manages the country’s social security system. Is responsible for disbursing social relief grants under the authority of the Department of Social Development. If you need details about filing an appeal with SASSA, please refer to the article.

What is Sassa Grant?

SASSA, the government organization responsible for managing security in South Africa, provides various social grants to more than 16 million individuals who are in need. Essentially, it offers assistance to people across the country through social relief grants.

In response to COVID-19, SASSA introduced the Social Relief of Distress R350 Grant in May 2020 to meet the needs of those affected. This grant, which is worth 350 African Rand, is commonly known as the Distress Grant R350.

Individuals who receive benefits from SASSA are advised to keep track of their application status after submitting their grant application to find out if it has been approved or denied. The status update for each recipient provides information about the progress of their application. When can they expect to receive a payment?

SASSA Appeal

Since its establishment in 2005, SASSA has been responsible for managing grants aimed at promoting the welfare of citizens. The South African government created this agency to streamline the distribution of relief and combat corruption. These grants provided by SASSA play a role in offering assistance to individuals in dire circumstances.

In 2022, a significant proportion of African citizens—45%—were recipients of social grants tailored to their specific needs. The department offers grant choices, including grants, for child support, disability assistance, SRD grants and others.

SASSA Appeal Status Check

Are you worried about your SASSA application being rejected or experiencing delays in receiving your grant payment? It’s important to note that the high number of applications received by SASSA can sometimes cause processing delays.

If your application is rejected, it could be due to inaccurate information or incomplete bank account details. To resolve this, make sure to update your information and await processing. Should you receive a rejection, carefully review the reasons provided for clarification.

Following the government regulations ensures that you provide banking details during the form verification process. It’s important to allow authorities a timeframe of 60 to 90 days for reviewing any appeals made. If your SRD appeal status check appeal is approved, you will not only receive the grant amount for months but also continue receiving it at the specified time going forward.

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How do Appeal the SASSA SRD Grant?

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant aims to offer support to people who are experiencing difficulties meeting their requirements, like food and housing. Eligibility for the SRD grant is determined by factors, including:

1. experiencing the effects of a disaster or crisis.

2. Currently, we are in a situation where grants are being received. We are currently, in a position where we are waiting for grants that have not arrived yet.

3. Experiencing job loss due, to issues that have resulted in being unemployed.

4. Dealing with the passing of the provider or their temporary absence (less than six months due to incarceration).

5. Impacted by a disaster that hasn’t been officially declared by authorities yet.

If you have applied for the SRD grant, based on any of the reasons mentioned, you might be eligible to receive aid or food support in the form of packages or vouchers. Typically, the SRD grant lasts for three months. There is a chance that it could be extended for up to six months.

SRD SASSA Status Check Online

SRD SASSA Status Check

For SRD check status:

1. Provide your ID in the designated “ID Number” field.

2. Enter the cell phone number that you used when applying for the grant in the Phone Number” section.

3. Click on ‘Check Now’ to submit your request to the SassaCheck database.

4. The system will then display the approved month. Provide you with an app ID.

5. Stay up-to-date with your grant collection dates for the month. Receive updates on R350 and social relief grant application eligibility through our online status checker below.

6. you can also check the status of your grant at

SASSA Payment Status Check 2024

SASSA beneficiaries should make it a habit to regularly check the status of their payments each month to receive their grant funds on the designated payday. Please refer to the table provided below, which outlines the SASSA payment dates from 2023 to March 2024, so that you can stay informed about your grant payment schedule.

SASSA timetable is valid through March 2024 and recaps every month’s status

We understand how crucial SASSA grants are for individuals who rely on social relief funds to sustain their lives. These grants are divided into categories such as older persons, disability, and children’s grants. This categorization helps ensure a fair distribution process, guaranteeing that the funds reach those who need them the most.

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SASSA Grant Types

1. SASSA, or the South African Social Security Agency, provides social grants to alleviate poverty by addressing essential needs.

2. The major types of SASSA grants include:

  • Social Relief of Distress, SRD R350 Grant
  • Care Dependency
  • Foster Child
  • Child Support Grant
  • War Veterans
  • Disability Grant
  • Older Person’s Grant
  • Grant-in-Aid

R350 Application Appeal Status

If your application for the SRD grant has been denied and you have already submitted an appeal through the Department of Social Development (DSD) on the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) website, you can follow these steps to check the status of your SRD r350 status check:

1. Visit to check your SRD R350 appeal status.

2. Sign in to the account that you used for your Sassa R350 application.

3. Navigate to the ‘Application Status section. Select “R350 Appeal Status.”.

4. Provide your ID number and application reference number when prompted.

5. Click on submit to view the updates on your R350 appeal status.

After you follow these steps, your status will change. You will receive a notification containing the details. If there are any changes to your contact information, please use the provided link to update your grant application. This will ensure that your appeal is successful. Additionally, you will receive an SMS notification informing you when to collect your money.

Please note that if you disagree with decisions made by SASSA over several months, you will need to submit separate appeal applications for each month. It’s important to take action within the 30- to 90-day timeframe for your appeals to be considered on time.

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R350 Appeal Status Check

To check the status of your R350 appeal, you have options:

1. Go to the SASSA portal. Log in using your ID and mobile number that you used during the application process. Look for the tracking option to see your appeal status.

2. You can also call the number provided on the portal for assistance with checking your appeal status.

3. If you prefer in-person assistance, visit a SASSA office, where they can help you with any questions or concerns regarding your appeal.

4. Another option is to utilize the email option by contacting the officials using their provided email address, which will be found in the section.

Once approved, recipients of the R350 grant will receive payments for six months, starting in October. These payments will be deposited into the bank accounts specified during their application process.

Check SASSA Status at the SASSA Website

To keep yourself informed about the progress of your submitted SASSA online application, you can visit the SASSA website, To check the status of your grant activation and view your application details online, follow these steps:

1. Visit

2. Enter your South African national ID and the mobile number you registered with.

3. You will immediately see the status of your R350 grant along with a reference ID.

Stay updated by following these steps on!

How to Collect SASSA SRD Payments

By using the status check online service, you will receive an SMS notification confirming the approved payment month, enabling you to access your relief funds through your preferred payment method.

To ensure that your SASSA grant is deposited directly into your bank account every month without any hassle of visiting the SAPO post office or retail shops, it is essential to update your bank details. If you don’t have a bank account, alternative options like Pick n Pay, Boxer Store, Cash Send, or the Post Office are available for you to receive your funds.

SRD Helpline

If you encounter any problems related to the application, get in touch with the helpline at 0800601011. Make sure to have your information ready. Another option is to send an email to and provide details about your inquiries for assistance.

SASSA Status Check Via WhatsApp

To verify the status of your SRD grant through WhatsApp, you can follow these steps:

1. Save the phone number “082 046 8553” as “status check” in your contacts.

2. Open. Start a chat with “SASSA status check.”

3. Include your name, surname, and South African ID number in the message.

4. Send a message to receive information about the SRD grant status check for your grant.

Please note that this method allows you to conveniently check your SRD grant using WhatsApp.

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Why has SASSA Status Declined?

In the SASSA SRD Status Check online application, you might come across a notification indicating that it has been declined. This is usually because of the SASSA review process and the Means Test. Whether you are an existing beneficiary or a new applicant, if you don’t meet the requirements of the Means Test, which evaluates income thresholds and changes in circumstances, like a bank balance increase exceeding R624, your application may be declined.

If you receive a decline notification, it’s important to review the reasons provided for clarification and take steps to rectify any issues with your SASSA Declined Grant application.

Possible reasons for decline include:

1. Exceeding the income and assets threshold of R624.

2. ID registered for UIF, NSFAS, or SARS benefits.

3. Change in unemployment status.

4. Identification of an alternative income source in the SASSA Means Test.

5. Not meeting the age criteria for the applied grant.

How to Check SASSA Balance

To find out your balance, you can use your bank’s app and check online if you have already updated your bank information. Alternatively, you can dial *120*3210# on your phone to inquire about your balance through payment options.


It is important for individuals who need assistance to understand and utilize the SASSA SRD Grant Appeal and R350 Status Check processes. By adhering to these steps candidates can verify their qualifications. Ensure they receive the grant promptly. Stay informed. Make sure to utilize the communication avenues to monitor and revise your appeal status to access the assistance provided through the SASSA SRD Grant.


Q1: What does “Application is Complete” mean on the SASSA status check for r350?

A1: It indicates a successful reapplication process. Visit the site regularly for updates.

Q2: Why does my SASSA status show “Post Office Not Selected”?

A2: This message means cash collection is through the bank. Provide your bank details; SAPO branches are not allowed.

Q3: Can I use Govchat to check SASSA status?

A3: Yes, the Govchat app is a valid option for checking your SASSA status.

Q4: When will I get paid if approved for SASSA?

A4: Expect your first payment within one month or less after SASSA approval.

Q5: What is SASSA’s status PIN?

A5: The SASSA status PIN is an OTP (one-time password) received on your mobile, required for application submission.

Q6: How do I check my SRD status?

A6: Visit the Check SRD status check portal.

Q7: What information do I need to provide for the status check balance check?

A7: You will typically need to provide your unique identification details, such as your ID number or reference number, to check your SRD status and balance on the official website.

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