How to Add Music to Instagram Story

How to Add Music to Instagram Story

Have you ever noticed how some stories or tunes stick with you, like those catchy songs from trending instagram reels? Well, get ready because we’re about to explore how to convert your instagram stories into more interacting, engaging, and fun!

Instagram stories are about sharing random moments and quick, fun updates about your actions or feelings. These brief, 24-hour snippets offer a canvas for creativity and personal expression. 

Nowadays, stories are not limited to just sharing stuff. It is also about creating a vibe that people won’t forget. When you hear a trending song from a viral video, it takes you back to random memory and makes you feel connected. That’s the magic of adding music to Instagram Stories. It adds a new layer of feeling and helps us tell our stories better.  

In this blog, we will talk about how to add that magic touch of music to your Instagram Stories, making them something to look at and experience.

Understanding Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are slideshows or videos that disappear after 24 hours, making them a perfect medium for sharing spontaneous moments and authentic experiences. Launched in 2016, stories quickly became a staple of Instagram’s platform, offering users a new, more casual way to share content. 

Unlike regular Instagram posts, stories allow for more creativity and interaction, featuring options like polls, questions, and music. This fleeting format encourages regular posting and engagement, as followers are keen to see what you share before it vanishes. 

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Why Add Music to Your Stories?

Adding music to your Instagram stories can dramatically enhance their impact. A well-chosen track can evoke specific emotions, setting the mood for your content. Music can complement and elevate your story, whether it’s an upbeat tune for a fitness video or a calm melody for a serene landscape. 

Furthermore, music helps grab viewers’ attention, potentially increasing engagement and viewership. It’s also a great way to express your personality or brand identity, giving your audience a more immersive experience.

Choosing the Right Track for Your Story 

Selecting the perfect song for your Instagram Story is like choosing the right seasoning for a dish – it can enhance the flavor immensely. Consider the mood and theme of your content. Is it a cheerful, adventurous day at the beach or a calm evening at home? Your music should reflect this.

Genres play a big role here. A jazz track might suit a laid-back, sophisticated clip, while electronic dance music could be the life of a party scene. Don’t forget about the latest hits and trending songs, too – they can make your story relatable and timely. For example, artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, or BTS often have tracks that resonate with a wide audience. Remember, the song you choose reflects your story’s soul.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Music to Your Instagram Story 

Adding music to your Instagram Story is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open Instagram and Create a Story

Tap the camera icon on the top left of the screen or swipe right from your feed to start a new story.

  • Navigate to the Music Sticker

Swipe up or tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen after capturing or selecting your photo or video. Look for the music sticker to open Instagram’s music library.

  • Search and Select Your Song

You can browse the music library’s popular, genres, or moods section or use the search bar to find a specific song. Once you find your song, tap on it.

  • Customize the Music Clip and Appearance

Instagram allows you to select which part of the song you want to play in your story. You can also choose how you want the music to appear – as lyrics, a music icon, or just as the song.

  • Finalize and Share Your Story

Once you’ve added and adjusted your music, tap ‘Done’ and ‘Your Story’ to share with your followers.

If you’re posting a photo, try aligning the music with the expression or action in the image. For videos, timing your content with the beat or mood of the song can create a dynamic impact.

Tips for Choosing the Right Music

  • Match the Mood: Think about what your story is about and choose a song that fits. If it’s a happy moment, pick a cheerful song.
  • Keep it Short: Since stories are brief, pick the hook part of the song that gets to the point quickly.
  • Know Your Audience: Think about what music your followers might like.

Common Issues while Selecting Music on Instagram

  • Make sure your Instagram app is updated. The feature might be available in your country later if it still needs to be there.
  • Some songs might be off of Instagram or at your location. Try searching for a different one.
  • Sometimes, the music stops or doesn’t play even after loading. Check your phone’s volume and internet connection. Restarting the app can also help.

Creative Ways to Use Music in Stories

  • Tell a Story with Music: Use a song to add emotion to a video clip or a series of photos.
  • Promote Something: Use music that fits the theme if you’re talking about a product or event.
  • Play with Lyrics: Match the song’s words to what’s happening in your story.


Adding music to your Instagram Stories is a simple yet powerful way to make your stories look impactful. It’s about finding the right song that resonates with the mood of your visuals and your audience. In case you also want to explore the option of buying instagram followers, Social Zinger can be your trusted resource for the online services. Social Zinger provides you many more services like buying instagram followers, likes, views etc that can help in building a credible presence for you.

Remember, your story is not just a post; it expresses your moments and emotions. So, experiment with different tracks, sync them creatively with your visuals, and watch your stories transform into engaging narratives. Use it wisely, creatively, and, most importantly, in a way that represents your story.


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