SEO Friendly Community WordPress Themes – 10 Things to Keep in Mind

SEO Friendly Community WordPress Themes – 10 Things to Keep in Mind

While SEO has become one of the leading components to make your website rank higher than your contemporaries on google search listings, SEO-friendly community WordPress themes have become an irreplaceable element of the basic SEO journey for any website to gain coverage and visibility to earn revenue for the same.

SEO-friendly community websites are important for any business or brand to begin their online voyage with. An SEO-friendly website will always cater to the idea of getting frequent attention through organic traffic and also in getting regular views from the masses available on the internet. SEO-friendly WordPress themes enabled websites will have better chances to gain maximum online coverage than any other normal website due to their inbuilt search engine optimized specification that allows that particular website to seek more attention via google search. Let’s discuss further how SEO WordPress community themes play an important role in determining the progress of a website and basic things to keep in mind while selecting the SEO-friendly WordPress themes.

Why Is SEO Important For WordPress Community Themes

WordPress is the leading content management system that is used undoubtedly by millions of users, brands, and businesses to take their community operations and business online to make it more accessible and popular to the masses. But the online internet domain is filled with similar websites offering distinctive features and characteristics to entice customers and users to seek their content and visit their website more often. So how do you make your website appear more novel and distinguished among your contemporaries? Yes, it is through updated SEO WordPress themes that have pre-installed configurations to make your website rank higher and appear more frequently in the google search listings.

Once you have achieved this target with the help of suitable SEO WordPress community themes, your website can get automatically configured settings to seek better visibility and coverage on google and other search browsers. With SEO themes, a website admin does not require to hire any professional service to be in their online community journey. With ready pre-embedded SEO features and techniques, the website can get instant results through a few tweaks here and there.

Ten Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting SEO Friendly Community Themes

  • SEO Optimized Coding

Coding is an essential feature of the theme that helps to adapt and become flexible in performing the tasks assigned by the website core mechanisms. If the coding employed on the theme is SEO-based, or consists of the latest HTML and CSS code validators then it becomes easier for the Google algorithm to read and understand the data and concept of your website. This will automatically help the website generate more organic traffic as the coding will enable google to feature it frequently in the Google list of related keywords.

  • Optimized Speed

One of the important elements of the google algorithm that investigates whether the site should receive the coverage or not is the amount of time a particular website takes to load. The loading time is an essential parameter of Google listing and categorizes it whether the website is fast to load or not. Hence a theme that delivers optimized functions and layouts, and does not require additional time to load should be the first choice of any business and brand owner in terms of SEO and traffic generation. Google will assess the loading time and will list the websites that have a crisp and fast loading time than the ones that are slow to load. The themes chosen by the users must comprise minimum loading time to top the Google rankings.

  • Impressionistic And Responsive Design

An SEO WordPress community theme should have stunning visuals and layouts to retain customers and compel them to use the services offered by your website. To accomplish this, a website theme needs to support fast, responsive, and impressionistic visuals and graphics that do not compromise the quality of the website and are also in synchronization with the elements of SEO to deliver results. A theme that is fast to load and offers minimal and beautiful tones to complement your business ethics should be selected to receive regulated virtual traffic.

  • Embedded Social Media Panels

A WordPress community theme that consists of an embedded social media panel will be of great use for the website and will also cater to the SEO to receive more traffic. Any community theme that supports blogging features, can be used to insert keywords and SEO-based content to make it appear more often in the listings. Such blog posts or contents through the embedded social media panels can be shared on various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to make the content receive more coverage and visibility.  This is a great way to attract organic traffic and make the website more visible on the internet.

  • Website Layout and Hierarchy

A WordPress Community website theme should consist of an easy website layout in terms of navigation and maneuvering, page layout, and content. This will further help the google bots and crawlers to identify the relevancy of the content and website which will naturally boost the ranking. The hierarchy will also play an important role in determining the progress of the website. Any theme which has askew sections and columns will distract the user as well as the Google algorithm. Therefore to make the website seem more uniform and standardized, website layout and hierarchical structure should be paid attention to, to increase ranking and coverage.

  • Themes Supporting Schema Markup

Schema markup integration in WordPress community themes will play an essential role in making google understand the type of concept and data you are aiming for on the domain of the internet. Themes that support schema markup will make the website appear more simplified and understandable to the Google algorithm assisting the software to segregate and categorize your website as legitimate and later let it scale the google rankings.

  • Pre-Installed Plugins

A WordPress community theme website must possess certain additional support of plugins to increase the overall health and productivity of the website. A theme that supports additional plugins will automatically make the user spend a large amount of time utilizing the essentials of an extended plugin which will make the Google algorithm understand that the website is a credible site for the users to gain access to. This will automatically make the website top the search rankings and make the website receive more coverage and traffic

  • Screen Optimization

A lot of internet users often use their mobile phones to search and visit websites. According to the leading stats related to website traffic, 50% of the traffic comes from cell phone users. To make the website more accessible to each screen dimension and user, any theme that consist of screen optimized content and display setting should be selected by the brand or community admin so that any user from any possible device can access the website without sabotaging the rankings and visibility

  • Supports All Browsers

Any WordPress community theme chosen by users should have flexible access to work on all major browser platforms. Many users use distinctive browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera to browse content on the internet. It becomes fairly easier for the website to fetch high rankings if the theme is supportive of all major browsers and works effortlessly on all of them without encountering any loading issues.

  • SEO Friendly Templates

WordPress community themes that offer customizable and SEO-friendly templates to let the user edit and insert search engine optimized content, links, and URLs should be prioritized in terms of effective search engine optimization facility. This will enable the website to gain traffic and also top the listings with content that is relevant and convenient for the users.


WordPress is the best CMS for websites to create a community website that has an abundant directory full of themes and plugins which can often confuse the user. The users must utilize the full potential of the website in terms of impeccable search engine optimized themes that can fetch them better results in a nick of time. Let us know if the article has helped you figure out the best SEO community WordPress theme.

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