Who are the biggest roulette winners of all time?

Who are the biggest roulette winners of all time?

Roulette has always attracted players with huge winnings. Big money brings fame, success, and the opportunity to fulfill the most cherished dreams. And all these can be obtained by just making the right bet.

History knows players whose lives have radically changed after they played roulette correctly. Fortune was kind to them. And not only fortune but also their ability to guess, make predictions, and trust their intuition. Who are these lucky ones?

British inventor

A British inventor Charles Deville Wells surprised everyone with his determination and fearlessness, and his game took the most unexpected turns. It happened in 1891. The guy came to a casino, sat at the roulette table, and played hard from lunchtime until late at night. This went on for a week, and once, he managed to get 23 wins in 30 games.

The funny thing is that when Charles suddenly lost, he did not even think to despair, but on the contrary, doubled the next bet. And he unexpectedly won. Regardless of the game’s outcome, the guy got high from the process itself and from each win when the table was covered with black cloth and new chips were taken out of a depository. As a result, the lucky player took out £4 million from the casino.

By the way, the famous Victorian song “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo” is dedicated to him. Researchers have been studying his method for years, hoping to replicate the impressive result at the roulette table. However, no one has been able to unravel the secret of Wells’ luck.

Spanish mathematician

A Spanish mathematician Gonzalo García-Pelaio took out more than a million euros from a casino in Madrid thanks to his knowledge. The casino even sued him but changed nothing because there was no corpus delicti. Mr. Garcia-Pelaio is a professional mathematician and roulette enthusiast. 

He liked to go to the casino and spend a couple of hours there. But Gonzalo not only enjoyed the game but also carefully analyzed its results and collected a tremendous amount of information. The mathematician carried out certain calculations and deduced formulas. And as a result, he began to win more and more often.

The man went to the Casino de Madrid, one of the most famous in Spain, and earned 600 euros there in a few hours. When he began to attend the gambling club frequently, constantly adhering to his strategy, his winnings exceeded 1,000,000 euros. Spanish casinos, at some point, simply stopped letting this person in. Gonzalo began to send five sons there in turn. The casinos banned his entire family! The man was not upset; he flew to the USA, where he won another two million dollars!

It is worth noting that the best online casinos in India do not limit user visits and welcome all their players, even such enterprising ones. So register at the casino by creating a single account and placing your bets. 

Even if you win several million, no one will block your profile, and you will be allowed to win more and more! In addition, the chances of winning at online live casinos like Rajabets, are higher than at a land-based club. After all, the gaming platform offers various bonuses unavailable in Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, or Madrid. Use all of them to increase your chances!

How to win easily?

As you can see, there are no universal rules on how to hit a massive jackpot at roulette. Each famous winner has their own success story. And you can make yours, adhering to simple rules:

● study math, you will need it

● check out the strategies

● chat with other players, read game forums

● listen to your intuition; it is often more important than common sense

● don’t bet more than you can afford to lose

● don’t play in debt 

Good luck and have a good time! The most popular gambling game in the world not only gives us wonderful moments but also develops logic and trains the brain! Roulette is a great option to spend time profitably and pleasantly!

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