Top technologies that will revolutionise web development

Top technologies that will revolutionise web development

The World Wide Web (WWW) was devised by Tim Berners-Lee while working at CERN in 1989. It was created to facilitate automated information sharing within the community of scientists and research organisations located far away. More than three decades have passed since, and this web is now sprawling across the globe.

Every year sees the rise and fall of new trends in the web development industry, and as netizens whose lives are greatly influenced by what’s trending, we must stay abreast of the latest proceedings. It is imperative for developers trying to survive today’s cut-throat competition for work to have the experience of industry-level projects.

Let’s take a look at the top technologies that will revolutionise web development this year:

1.   Progressive Web Apps

Have you ever visited a website and clicked on the ‘Add shortcut to Home Page’ button that appears? That’s a PWA. Notice how you never downloaded the app for that organisation, but had a link to the website right at your fingertips, much like an app! A Progressive Web App (PWA) offers a mobile app experience akin to that of a native app.

PWAs are not bound by the hardware of the phone they are running on, since they are essentially running on the web. It’s possible to utilise PWAs without relying on third-party app stores like Appstore or Play Store. So, a PWA can deliver meaningful content irrespective of the phone’s hardware or the availability of the internet (in some cases). Developing a PWA isn’t very different from developing a normal mobile application. Due to its smaller size, users can enjoy quicker installation and automatic updates.

E-commerce companies that are looking to launch their businesses without spending too much on app development or promotion will benefit the most from this technology.

2.   Artificial intelligence and Chatbots

Organisations are proactively trying to inculcate a Do-it-yourself attitude in their customers. A brilliant way to achieve this is through Chatbots. Not only will they be able to extend 24×7 help to their customers, but will also save on the cost of recruiting and maintaining customer assistance agents. Furthermore, interactive chatbots based on advanced Natural Language Processing can also help enhance user experience. A chatbot powered by AI can be readily integrated into regular/professional websites as well as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Another concept on similar lines is:

3.   Voice Search Optimization

Voice search through AI-supported Natural Language Processing is gaining popularity, and home assistants can be accredited for this. People are increasingly beginning to prefer talking to devices than typing and thus encouraging companies to modify their products to accommodate voice search as well.

4.   Single Page Applications

A Single Page Application functions by showing the user a single page and intercepting commands from the user on that page. It simplifies the task of creating and maintaining the website, as there is only one webpage, while also providing a seamless experience to the user. SPAs provide users with instant feedback and are more capable of holding their attention, thus improving conversion rates. SPAs often use APIs to eliminate the need to interacts with the server frequently and save data. For developers, SPAs are dealt in much like web apps,  intercepting specific browser events and requesting data using JSON. Facebook, Gmail, Google Maps, Twitter, GitHub, all use SPAs to enhance user experience.

5.   Motion UI

For the modern-day organisation, the design of an app or a website isn’t just about the looks or aesthetics, but also a brilliant marketing tool. UI/UX is often used to manoeuvre consumers to the targeted locations on a webpage, and Motion UI is set to make this task simpler. It allows developers to create custom animations and CSS transitions to create attractive yet responsive pages that can capture user attention.

6.   Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin and Dogecoin have been the talk of the town, especially during the pandemic. Blockchain is a technology that may not be well understood by the masses, but it is definitely well appreciated. The basic idea here is to save data in blocks that are subsequently linked together to form a chain, thus acting as an encrypted database storing system. Due to its peer-to-peer architecture, blockchain technology is safe, free of hacker assaults and technical mistakes. As a result, it provides improved security, transparency, decentralisation, and a distributed ledger. Major institutions are working on algorithms to protect sensitive user data and make crypto trading as safe as normal currency trading. Once these systems are in place, people will pay taxes and interact with government services in innovative ways.

7.   Accelerated Mobile Pages

The cyber-world may be moving towards 5G, but there remain users plagued by low internet speeds. The percentage of such users is greater in developing or poor countries, due to improper infrastructure. To cater to these audiences, Google and Twitter have collaborated to create an open-source plugin that helps users speed up page performance. In comparison to sophisticated web pages, AMPs are optimised pages that can run quickly and have a simple yet handy design with only functionalities. Those pages are likewise mobile-friendly, with content that is always accessible. This provides small businesses with slower servers a fair stand in the market, while also saving on UX iphone app development.

Final thoughts

The web development industry is striving to satisfy the requirements of the vast variety of users across the globe. Revolutionary technologies aim to not only improve user experience but also reduce the amount of data consumed during the process.

In such a dynamically changing environment, it is tough to determine which trends will shape the future. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to prepare ourselves for the same. If you are looking for industry-level experience in web development and want to contribute to the web revolution, check out these programs.

Happy Coding!

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