How Can You Harness Cloud Computing To Leverage Business Growth And Innovation In 2021

How Can You Harness Cloud Computing To Leverage Business Growth And Innovation In 2021

It is clear from the title what we will read about, but is it the truth? Are we truly harnessing the true power of Cloud Computing in various industries? A Gartner survey states that the global usage of Cloud technology will grow to 23.1% in 2021, totaling $332.3 billion. The market revenue will be up from $270 in 2020. It shows that a few industries are harnessing the power of Cloud Computing and bringing it into the mainstream to manage and safeguard their data.

Many industries dealing in AI, Edge Computing, IoT, gaming, gambling, etc., bring in this technology for driving innovation. Like, online casinos use Cloud Computing to prevent data loss. Many reputable casinos like this site are slowly adapting to the new technologies for providing safe and intriguing games like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and much more.

Most companies that understand the power of data and its use spend on this technology. They need to keep in mind that it is not a one-time event. Organizations must invest in innovative data houses to make their user experience fantastic.

Significant Ways in Which Businesses can Leverage Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing helps businesses share their data in real-time with the other departments in an organization when required. The collaborative use of other modern technologies will help drive the lessening down the disruptions and transform the business as a whole. There are a few important ways to leverage the power of this technology and grow manifolds.

  • Helps Capture New Data: You can capture hidden and ignored data online with the help of Cloud technology. Businesses can use the IoT to gather the data from the four walls of their end customers and provide them required services ahead of time.
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence: Organizations can use AI and Cloud technology to streamline the operations of every department. By applying a strong AI strategy, the companies can improve the performance and scalability of the organization and earn the full value of their investments.
  • Supports Disaster Recovery: Cloud technology helps with the automated disaster recovery process. Traditional businesses have always relied on secondary websites to transfer data and workload in the event of any disaster. The use of the Cloud for the same operations is filling the cyber resiliency gaps and saving businesses from outages and delays. It has also helped in reducing human errors too.
  • Streamlining the IT and Other Operations: Cloud Computing is seen only to provide IT solutions, but it can do more than that. When you need to simplify the operations of your business, then it can work in collaboration with IT and get meaningful business solutions. The movement of the businesses to the Cloud platform will help handle the plethora of work without getting stuck only in the experimental phase.
  • Processing of Million of Documents: The Cloud has ushered in the era of innovation and growth for the industries by processing millions of useful documents. It uses the compute-intensive technique to perform the work 20x faster. The effort put in reviewing the documents has drastically reduced. Moreover, the use of this technology in daily operations in many industries has helped improve the speed, agility, and cost of the work.


Cloud Computing has been here for a long time, but it’s excellent if industries realize its potential earlier. It will not only help financially to reduce cost but will usher in the era of global innovation. Cloud Computing is not the sideline but the mainstream technology alongside AI, Edge Computing, 5G, Internet of Things, and many more.

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