4 Ways to Predict Market Performance

4 Ways to Predict Market Performance

Ever heard of the magic beans? Well, the stock market happens to be the ‘beans’ of retirement. The stock market predictions for 2021 tips can potentially convert your monthly payment of around $500 into $1 million cash to cushion you for retirement. To the unfamiliar observer, such a sharp upsurge of income can certainly seem like magic. However, the well knowledgeable investors can clearly understand this magic trick, and how to take advantage of the characteristics of the stock markets behind closed doors.

How does the Stock Market work?

Stock market prediction involves trying to correctly pinpoint the future price of given company stock. Other financial tools are transacted on a financial exchange. The correct forecast of any stock’s forthcoming value will considerably increase the profits for the investor. For those willing to invest, the stock market operates like an auction where the interested party places a bid and the owner tables an asking price for a fraction of the stock. When the asking price is met, a transaction occurs.

How to Pick a Stock

There are three key similar characteristics in clever stock-pickers:

  • They have a clear goal to achieve with their portfolios, and they stick by it.
  • They are constantly updated on the daily happenings like news, events, and trends that move the economy as well as other companies.
  • They utilize those clear goals and information to weigh whether to purchase and sell stocks.

Let’s focus on various disparities of the market and understand more about the academic studies that reinforce each view. Here are 4 ways to implement stock market predictions for 2021


Don’t go against the tape. This extensively quoted piece of wisdom concerning the stock market warns stockholders not to go against the trends in the stock market. The idea is that the market usually progresses in the same direction for a while, thus the best bet would be to move along with the market movements. This opinion is mostly based on behavioral finance. This is a classic fear and greed scenario. What’s the logic behind retaining your investments in a plummeting stock, rather than going with the rising one?

Momentum is a major indicator of more investments taking place, and with more people investing, the market experiences a sharp rise. As a result, more people are lured in to make a purchase. It’s usually a positive feedback coil.

Mean Reversion

After close scrutiny of numerous ups and downs of the market, well-versed investors often agree that the market will level up, given time. Statistics from the past indicate that high prices hindered most entrepreneurs from investing. On the other hand, lowered prices can open up more opportunities.

The affinity of an item, like the stock price, to always get back to an average value within a given period is known as mean reversion. The occurrence has been witnessed from numerous essential economic indicators. A mean reversion is perhaps sensible for business cycles.


Another perspective conclusion is that past earnings are now irrelevant. Back in 1965, Paul Samuelson analyzed market proceeds and discovered that trends from the past bore no significance on upcoming prices. He thus concluded that if the market is efficient enough, such episodes shouldn’t exist. And hence, the market prices are martingales.

The Search for Value

Value-driven investors can buy stocks at the lowest price and reap rewards later. Their conviction lies in that an ineffective market has undervalued the stock.

According to research, readjustments and underpricing happens many times over. However, the evidence brought forward is largely inconclusive in explaining why this happens. The most reliable factor in making sense of forthcoming price returns was estimates as calculated by the price-to-book ratio. In most cases, cheaper price-to-book ratios offered better returns compared to other stocks.

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