Tips and Ideas to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Tips and Ideas to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Water – It’s a vital element for all living things. Around 60 percent of the human adult body is made of water. Biochemical reactions need to supply nutrients throughout the body, removes waste, maintains blood circulation and body temperature. It aids in protecting vital organs, prevents constipation, stabilizes the heartbeat, digestion, cushions joints and tissues. Summertime means beaches, BBQs, outdoor brunches, etc. While it is all fun and frolic, people often tend to forget the woes that come with this particular season. The body tends to lose a lot of water through sweat and heat. It is easy for the body to get dehydrated when it doesn’t receive enough water. So, you and your family must stay safe and protected through the season, by drinking water from a water bottle all through the day. To avoid all this, here are few tips to stay hydrated throughout this summer.

Drink Water

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, daily fluid intake recommendations vary by sex, age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. You should start by drinking a cup of water every morning after you wake up. Have another glass before every meal. Also, remember to drink one or two cups after working out. To ward off dehydration, keep drinking fluids gradually throughout the day. To keep your hydration levels in check, you can carry a flask or a stainless steel water bottle with you at all times.

Know the Signs of Dehydration

Does your skin feel inflamed, itchy, dry, sensitive, or irritated? This is a sign of dehydration. Are you experiencing a headache or feeling fatigued or dizzy? There are other signs, too, like fainting, muscle cramps, rapid breathing, and not urinating. If you experience any of these symptoms, the easiest solution is to immediately get out of the heat and have plenty of liquids.

Replenish When you Sweat

Do you play a sport? Or heading out on a hike? It is important to drink water through all these activities. An insulated water bottle comes handy during these times. The humidity, your sweat rate, and how long you exercise are all the factors to consider. Proper hydration is all about getting an adequate amount of water before, during, and after exercising. The American Council on Exercise recommends these guidelines before, during, and after a workout:

Drink 17-20 oz. 2 to 3 hours before the exercise.

Drink 8 oz. 20-30 minutes before the exercise.

Drink 7-10 oz. every 10-20 minutes during the exercise.

Drink 8 oz. 30 minutes after the exercise.

Infuse with Flavor

Not a frequent water drinker? Then spruce up your water by adding some simple ingredients like mint, limes, oranges, cucumbers, lemons, berries, and other fruits to better the taste without any artificial preservatives and sweeteners. This helps you drink more water than usual. You should also give coconut water a try. This liquid is packed with minerals, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. So, it replenishes lost electrolytes and fluids from hot climates and exercise quickly.

Eat Foods with High Water Content

Do you know that 80 percent of your water intake comes from drinking water? The rest of the 20 per cent comes from food. All the whole vegetables and fruits contain some water. You can snack on these for maximum benefit: celery, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, radishes, grapefruit, cauliflower, watermelon, broccoli, spinach, and strawberries. They all contain at least 90 per cent of water.

Cool Down

Proper hydration isn’t just about consuming water. It is also about regulating your body temperature. When the risk for heatstroke is at its highest during the summer, wear loose-fitting, light clothing in light colors. Hence, schedule physical activities and strenuous sports during cooler times of the day. Protect yourself from the sun with sunglasses or hats, and other accessories. Take drink breaks often – an insulated water bottle by your side might help in this, and use a spray bottle to moist your face when you become overheated.

Avoid Alcohol, Sugary Drinks, and Caffeine

Fun fact – some liquids work against hydration! Drinks like beer, sugary sodas, coffee, hard liquor, wine, smoothies, sweet tea, lemonade, energy drinks, and flavored milk are the main culprits. They are full of sugar, sodium, and other unwanted ingredients that remove water from tissues. Make an effort and swap some of these with more water, fruits, coconut water, juices, etc.

Consider a Probiotic

Your body is home to both good and bad bacteria. They’re in your mouth, skin, and gut. These are probiotics. They are living microorganisms that can be found in yogurt and other supplements and foods meant to improve your body’s bacteria. A probiotic can protect against infection, improve your immune system, and improve your digestion and absorption of food and nutrients, including water. Probiotics also aid in several conditions connected with dehydration, including diarrhea.

Check Your Urine

The color of your urine is a crucial indicator of how much water you are consuming and how much you need. It might be a warning sign of dehydration. Generally, urine should be clear or pale yellow. If it’s darker, it means you are dehydrated and need to reach out for your water bottle more number of times.

Know-How Much Water You Need

The elderly and those with heart disease and diabetes may need more water to remain hydrated than others. If you have other prevailing health conditions, make sure you with your doctor about any special precautions you need to take to prevent dehydration.


Getting enough water every single day is significant for keeping your body functioning correctly. Your body needs an extra amount of water when you’re in warmer climates, running a fever, physically active, and having diarrhea. People usually go about their day without considering how much water they have consumed or forget drinking water entirely. But, in the summer heat, water is vital to help your body stay healthy and hydrated. Carrying a water bottle with you all the time is a great way to consume as much water as possible. These tips and ideas are bound to be your savior through this summer.

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