Open back headphones vs closed back headphones

Open back headphones vs closed back headphones

Spending money on a product you are not very much aware of and at the same time it is very much needed to be a consumer of updated and new products, is not less than jeopardizing yourself or it is a sort of gambling since you don’t know much about it or less. This is often happens with me when I dip my hand in the soil to fetch my best headphones for workout, I was confused when there were so many headphones placed in front of me, everyone with different specification and purpose, in short I was domed due to my too little knowledge about them even the salesmen has thoroughly explained each and everyone of them with their use and features they offer.

Since technology has divided everything with something new and split a product further on account of its use and the environment they are about to use, it’s becoming difficult to buy a simple product in the market, for instance, if you are a gamer you need to buy not just a monitor or a headphone but you have to be very definite of the purpose for which you want it like gaming monitor and gaming headsets, this is the way things are more classified, in order to get the exact and optimal performance of any particular device.

However, I will not make things complex more than it is. If you are in a need of a headphone then you must know they are divided into two categories i.e. open back headphones and closed back headphones, let’s have a look what are they and what are their purpose to get split.

Open back headphones

Prolong gaming or movie sessions cause speakers and its drivers to get heat up which results to deteriorate the sound and lessen the effects. These open back headphones allows air to pass and reach the drivers installed in it, they are a little expensive as compared to the closed back headphones since they this quality is much more helpful to produce quality sound that could be heard clearly and naturally. But do remember that, since they are open cupped they are unable to block the sound coming from the surrounding to enter in, nor they are capable to stop the music playing in the headphones from leaking out, unless you are sitting in a place isolated from any sound to invade in. but if you are sitting in a place full of people talking and doing things, you will be unable to focus on the lyrics or the game played in front of you. People can easily hear the music you are listening or if you are talking on a chat.

One more thing is that they are less durable as compared to closed back headphones because the electronic components are exposed to the dust to get in and if the air is humid then it will cause the drivers life to get shortened.

In short, open back headphones are more likely to be used in the situation of prolonged gamings, listening to music at home or a packed place instead of open places and crowded venues.

Closed back headphones

These are the opposite of open back headphones, they are completely sealed cups and give a fine coverage of the ear, eliminating the possibility of sound leakage nor you will get the slightest idea of your surroundings, since they are the one with active noise cancellation they are very much adored by the people who have a very focused listening habit or required full attention on the sound they are needed to listen due to there certain jobs. They are not very good to deliver bass sounds but are quite acceptable, if you are in a public place they are more than just good to listen music, even if you increase the volume, the people that surround you wouldn’t be able to know the niche of the music.

On the other hand, due to being closed at the back of the cup they are less likely to wear for long gaming session since they get warm easily and you will end up getting sweaty. They are good to use while travelling to block out the noise and people will also did not get disturbed, further if you are travelling by road they are extremely good because the dirt will not be able to hit the drivers.

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