No deposit bonuses in casinos

In online gambling, bonuses are a motivator for the gambling audience. Online casinos use bonuses to attract more players and increase their appeal in their eyes. However, players usually must fund their accounts or actively participate in the game to get a sign-up bonus. 

It increases the casino’s customer base, working capital, and profits. 

However, getting a casino bonus with the help of the website without a deposit is also possible. New players are often given the best no-deposit bonuses that give them an advantage in the game and require no investment or risk.

What are no deposit bonuses?

The best no deposit casino bonuses, or no-deposit bonuses, are an amount of money or freespins that are awarded to players for free as a reward for registration, a kind of gift. The operator allows playing slots or other gambling games for real money without making a deposit.

With such a bonus, the customer can check the payoff of a slot machine and its functionality without risking his money. In addition, it is an effective marketing tool for online casinos that helps attract the public.

No deposit bonuses especially attract newcomers. But experienced players already know that to get huge winnings, more is needed to use rewards; you need to make a deposit and fulfill several conditions. In addition, each gambling site puts forward its requirements for wagering, which must always be studied before the first bet is made.

Simply put, such accruals are bait for players who are happy to get a free incentive. But, of course, it’s not profitable for the institution to throw money away for nothing because it won’t end well for him. So it requires compliance with specific rules and conditions – the wager.

What is a wager?

Wager is a specific number of bets that should commit gamblers to withdraw their winnings. For example, if the wager is ×20 and the no-drop is $10, then the total amount of bets must be at least $200 (Bonus [$10] × Wager [×20] = 200). When these conditions are met, the player can dispose of the winnings at his discretion: withdraw or continue playing on it.

Other restrictions may be imposed on the bonus accrual:

  • Time – a specific period is assigned for wagering, often from one day to one month. The bonus will be burned if the player does not have time to wager the total amount of the specified number of times.
  • Types of games – as a rule, the casino establishes a list of slots allowed to play on the bonus provided.

If the terms of the wager do not suit the player, and he realizes that he cannot fulfill them, he can refuse the bonus or wait until it expires.

Thus, to get the bonus, you do not need to replenish your account, but to win it back, you will probably have to do it because it is hardly possible to win constantly, and even large enough amounts to be enough for the nth number of bets.

Who can get a no-deposit bonus?

More often than not, the best no-deposit bonuses for registration have simpler accrual terms than other rewards. Nevertheless, the player is required to register and sometimes verify the account, that is, to confirm passport details. And even if it is not necessary at first, it will still have to do this later. Otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw the money won.

In what format can you get a bonus

No deposit bonuses are usually in these forms:

  • Real money. It is the money that goes to the balance of the gambler. They cannot be withdrawn but can be used to play.
  • Free spins. We are talking about freespins, which allow you to make free bets in slots.
  • Free game. It can be a different competition or several tournaments at once, and putting in actual money, in this case, is not necessary; you can play for free and get for it quite real winnings.
  • Cashback. It returns part of the money from any bet; as a rule, it does not exceed 10%.

Types of no deposit bonus

In casinos, the best no-deposit bonuses are represented by several types, the issuance of which depends on the rules and objectives of the institution.

No deposit bonus for registration

It is a welcome reward without a deposit in money or freespins. To get them, the player must specify data about himself, most often – phone number, email, and password (make it up). And to withdraw the winnings, you need to be verified with the passport data – date of birth, series, number of the document, place of registration, etc.

Gifts for holidays

Such incentives are awarded on birthdays, the New Year, the eighth of March, the anniversary of the casino, and other significant dates. To get the bonus, you need to contact support. After that, accrual will be displayed in the user’s personal office.

To achieve a new level in the VIP-program

If a player reaches a new, higher level in the loyalty program, he is also entitled to a prize. Each casino sets its own rules for its issuance, but as a rule, the higher the status, the greater the bonus.

To attract a new player.

The user often receives a percentage of the deposit brought to the player. However, some sites charge a bonus in a fixed amount and do not require funding a new member.

No deposit promo codes and coupons

In this case, the best no deposit casino bonuses can be obtained after entering a set of letters and numbers in a particular field. The gambling resource sends out codes by email, SMS, or posts on social networks. This type of incentive can be represented by freespins or real money and betting insurance or cashback. At the same time, they have a limited validity period.

Withdrawal Bonus

This bonus can be immediately withdrawn to a bank card or digital wallet, which is not even necessary to play. It occurs pretty rarely and has a small size. To get it, you need to meet additional conditions in casinos. For example, bind to an account phone number, repost the news casino on social networks, etc.

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