Tracking the features of the IWC Big Pilot watch

People who love to wear big-size watches must choose the IWC Big Pilot watch. The name big comes from the watch’s size, but it also offers small-size watches. In its iconic Big Pilot collection, the IWC updated some features this year. The Big Pilot collection differs from the others based on a big conical crown. Other than that, new features are added to this watch that we will look at in this article.

The Big Pilot was considered the big sibling of IWC pilot watches. If you look at the design, it has a traditional aviation design along with a contemporary rendition. If you look into the size of the watch, then it’s around 4m and has an automation version with a power reserve indicator. So first, let’s check out what’s the IWC Big Pilot watch.

Rise To Fame

Suppose we talk about how the IWC became so famous. So back in 1902, the IWC released its much-awaited Big Pilot watch. The size of the Big Pilot watch was not as much as the desert plate original. Still, it was large. And the diameter of the watch was found to be around 46.2 mm. If we compare the height, the IWC Big Pilot’s case height was about 15.2 mm. So the watch collectors were interested in this watch.

What’s inside the IWC Big Pilot watches?

If we talk about the cornerstone of the watch, the pilot was the one. It has a bold design that is handcrafted and looks gorgeous once worn. It is known for its stylish look and innovation in luxury watches. The IWC Big Pilot watch has been groundbreaking because no other watch has the design features integrated into the casing and dial. Apart from this, the new IWC Big Pilot watch has many other features. Let’s look at them one by one.

Updates in the IWC big pilot watches

Recently the IWC has updated some of the features of the IWC Big Pilot watch. So we have listed all the features, so let’s have a look at each of them.

1. The Case of the watch

One of the most important aspects of a watch is its case, as it protects the watch. These watches work designed to perform specific functions. If you like watches with a Garde design, this watch is not good for you. Pilot’s watches are excellent candidates to fulfill that role because they are frequently simple devices that aim just to be carried and avoid getting in the line. It would be a difficult challenge for a watch with a 43mm diameter.

The 43mm is not so big if we talk about the size. The design in the finishing of the watch is also excellent, and high-quality material is used in designing this watch, making it a luxury product. The case of the watch is satin brushed all the way around. There is a crown also, which is also polished. Apart from this, the watch is thin, which gives it a traditional style. 

2. The Dial

If we talk about the dial, it comes in different colors but most commonly deep blue in the handle; apart from this, the hours in the minute are made with Arabic numerals. The watch’s hands are sword-in shape and filled with lume, making it appear even in the dark. Also, the watches’ edges are polished, making them liable to be seen in no light. 

3. The Movement 

One of the biggest aspects of the watch is its movement. The watch is powered by caliber 82100. Apart from this, it also has automatic winning, and if we look at the power reserve, it has 60 hours of power backup. You can see it via the sapphire case back. 

Some of the watch’s components are made with ceramic, which makes it durable so that it won’t wear down. Apart from this, if you see the caliber of the case bag, you can find an automatic wheel made up of black ceramic. Similarly, the other components, which are small in size, are also made using ceramic. So you can see it’s quite difficult to scale such small ceramic pieces, which makes the IWC Big Pilot watches special. The IWC is open to challenge, and its unique and incredible design makes it worth buying. If we talk about the cost, it will cost you around INR 1 lakh. The IWC watch price may be high because of the quality and the material used in the watch.

4. Strap of the watch

It has a gold bracelet, but you can have a watch with a strap. If you buy a leather strap watch, it will cost you around $ 8400; for a bracelet, you might have to pay $10,000. Although the IWC watch price is quite high, if we look at the quality, then it’s worth it.

Summing Up

If you are looking for a classy yet sporty watch, this one is for you. You can get the IWC watch from The IWC watch price starts from approximately INR 3,50,000

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