Norstrat: Everything You Need To Know

Norstrat: Everything You Need To Know

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, organizations play a role in shaping people’s lives. However, achieving success is not a task for every business due to the presence of competition. Despite the determination and hard work of entrepreneurs, some may face difficulties in thriving under these circumstances. Therefore, it becomes crucial for them to seek assistance in managing competition within their organizations. Norstrat has emerged as a resource that provides support for business growth and aids aspiring entrepreneurs.

What is Norstrat?

Businesses and government organizations often turn to Norstrat for expert guidance to improve their performance. Norstrat is widely recognized for its services. Plays a crucial role in supporting military operations, government initiatives, and various business ventures. The northern strategy of Canada, which focuses on expanding businesses, is an area of expertise for Norstrat.

To fully understand the advantages of this strategy, individuals can rely on Norstrats consultancy services to help them implement it according to their goals. This consulting firm has a proven track record of contributing to the success of businesses by aligning their strategies with their approach.

Norstrat History

Norstrat started in Canada as an agency with just one office. As time went on, the company. Expanded its presence in the United States. Today, Norstrat is recognized as a tier-one consulting firm with strong ties to the government and military.

In this period, Norstrat transformed into a comprehensive communication consultancy that offers cutting-edge digital strategies, public relations, and social media marketing services to global companies and brands. Currently, the company is experiencing growth. Actively seeking opportunities to expand its business internationally.

Key Objectives of Norstrat

Norstrat, a consulting firm specializing in business growth has specific goals that can be outlined as follows:

1. Building a recognizable identity.

2. Providing support in marketing.

3. Ensuring trust and security through teams.

4. Offering exposure through engaging student interns from military and law enforcement institutions.

5. Incorporating business cards, brochures and letterhead into all of Norstrat’s marketing materials.

6. Allowing employees to proudly wear NORSTRAT shirts and polos.

7. Establishing a presence, within the Northern Strategy Community to effectively promote companies and groups.

Norstrat’s Extraordinary Services

1. Strategic Advisory: We offer expert guidance and advice to support your Northern Strategy campaign plan.

2. Specialized Knowledge: Our team provides expertise and proficiency in subject areas.

3. Defining Requirements: We assist in determining the aspects necessary for the success of your project.

4. Bid Management Support: We help manage the bidding process, for projects.

5. Training in Project Management: Our training sessions focus on business development to aid project management.

6. Change Management: We offer support and strategies for managing organizational changes.

7. Assistance in Project Definition: We help define the scope and objectives of projects.

8. Strategic Project Planning: Our services include strategic planning to ensure successful project execution.

9. Risk Management Expertise: We provide insights into identifying and managing potential risks.

Norstrats consulting services are highly sought after by business professionals and the military due, to the value they bring in these areas.

Where is Norstrat’s Expertise? 

Norstrat stands out in areas thanks to its services and expertise:

1. Implementation of Northern Strategy: Norstrat possesses proficiency in executing the strategy boasting an overwhelming success rate in driving business development.

2. Facilitating Business Growth: Norstrat has achieved accomplishments in fostering the growth of government entities. Their innovative operational approaches contribute significantly to progress.

3. Efficient Project Management: With a track record of handling projects over the years, Norstrat has cultivated unparalleled expertise in project management.

4. Specialized Capital Projects: Norstrat’s portfolio includes the completion of undertakings such as the Radarsat Constellation Mission, Radarsat II, and the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel, solidifying their reputation as experts in focused capital projects.

Furthermore, Nordstrom offers a range of training programs, including:

  •  Leadership development programs
  •  Professional development workshops
  •  Business coaching programs
  •  coaching programs

With its commitment to excellence and extensive breadth of expertise, Norstrat has cemented itself as a sought-after consulting firm for businesses and the military alike offering exceptional support and opportunities for growth.

Norstrat Clients

Norstrat serves both industry and government clients, contributing to Canada’s Northern Strategy. Some significant clients it works with include:


1. Ultra Electronics Marine Systems

2. Saab Technologies Canada

3. Raytheon Canada Support Services

4. Northwestel

5. Northrop Grumman

6. MacDonald Dettwiler

7. L-3 Ocean Systems

8. L-3 MAS

9. Calian

10. L-3 MariPro

11. Kraken Sonar Systems

12. Hill+Knowlton Canada

13. General Dynamics Canada

14. Deloitte

15. Cassidian

16. Canadian Light Source

17. Babcock

18. Astrium SAS

19. AlphaSights

20. Aker Solutions

21. Airbus Defence and Space


1. Canadian Space Agency

2. Canadian Coast Guard

3. Aerospace Review

Norstrat Technologies That are Used In Their Business

Norstrat utilizes a range of technologies, such as JQuery Migrate, GoDaddy DNS, Google Font API, and WordPress. They have devised a groundbreaking method that enables oil companies to efficiently extract reserves of oil and gas from beneath the surface of the sea.

Moreover, the company has introduced a search technique that leverages satellite imagery to enhance exploration capabilities. Currently, Norstrat is collaborating with the sector on military projects.

Additionally, Norstrat plays a role in supporting health personnel, greatly contributing to their operations and overall success.

What Solutions Does Norstrat Provide?

This company provides a variety of consulting and communication services, led by a team of professionals. They assist in developing brands, launching products, and formulating customer strategies. Norstrat has expertise in the sector and offers services such as government relations, lobbying, political strategy, and campaign planning. Whether you’re a business or a large organization, Norstrat offers consulting with experts covering various areas, including infrastructure and social structures.

How Do Norstrat Products Helpful For a Business?

Norstrat provides support to companies in ways catering to various business objectives. Being a firm, they collaborate with businesses in the United States and Canada, making their products and services perfect for those seeking consulting. With Norstrat’s expertise, you can effectively establish your brand. Expand your business.

Their knowledgeable consultants excel at assisting clients in launching brands and forming partnerships. They also offer services such as UC (Unified Communications) and voicemail management. Additionally, Norstrat specializes in consulting, helping businesses achieve their goals and objectives.

Furthermore, their consultants can assist in integrating the client’s systems, ensuring operations and increased efficiency. With Norstrat’s range of services, your company can benefit from customized solutions. Achieve consistent growth.

Acts as Consultant in Strategic Planning

Founded by four brothers in Canada, Norstrat benefits from their extensive experience in strategic consulting, public relations, marketing, and marketing communications. Their products and expertise can help you establish and maintain a strong online presence for your company. Beyond launching new brands, Norstrat excels in enhancing marketing strategies and elevating brand visibility. Their team of consultants possesses expertise in developing online strategies for businesses.

Norstrat provides a variety of products designed to meet the needs of businesses. They offer communications and cloud-based communication solutions, such as voicemail, which are built on a range of cloud-based applications. Companies can select from options based on their requirements. By incorporating a unified communications system into their operations, businesses can streamline their communication processes. The Norstrats platform allows for the integration of all these services..

Finds Solutions for Voicemail

Norstar makes it easier for customers and clients to communicate by offering email and phone solutions that are based on a network. Their multi-office solution enables collaboration with partners.

With Norstar’s VoIP services, businesses can. Use a phone network, which is especially beneficial for businesses that need secure connections.


In summary, Norstrat is a consulting firm that offers a range of services tailored to meet the needs of both industry and government clients. Their guidance, expertise in fields, and effective project management make them an invaluable partner for achieving business growth and success.

To put it simply, Norstrat’s contributions to business growth, strategic development, and effective communication establish them as essential allies for businesses aiming to thrive in today’s environment. Through their solutions and dedication to client success, they have established themselves as leaders in the consulting industry, empowering businesses to reach new heights and attain long-lasting success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Norstrat its purpose and its services?

Norstrat is a strategic consulting firm offering advisory services for businesses. Its purpose is to provide strategic guidance and solutions to enhance performance and achieve growth.

How long has Norstrat been in operation?

Norstrat has been in business since 1988, providing consultancy services to businesses in Canada.

How does Norstrat contribute to business growth?

Norstrat, a Canadian company, offers advisory services to expedite the expansion of businesses.

What are the advantages of partnering with Norstrat?

With over 30 years of experience, Norstrat is a reliable consulting firm, capable of helping businesses expand successfully.

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