The latest NBA market news

The latest NBA market news

The NBA is the greatest competition when talking about basketball and that is why all the fans of the sport want to know everything about it, all the news and possible transfers.

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Joe Harris was “untouchable” on the Nets in business by Harden

Brooklyn Nets were willing to switch most of their squad to have star James Harden on their side. But in addition to their stars, there was a player who was not available to the Houston Rockets in the business.

According to the press, winger Joe Harris was one of the untouchables of the New York squad in the negotiations.

The franchise considers the pitcher to be the ideal complement to have alongside his stars, so much so that they invested $ 75 million to keep him in Brooklyn for another four seasons in November.

In 21 games this season, Harris has an average of 14.3 points (with a 47.8% hit on three shots) and 3.8 rebounds.

Pelicans elect four teams for possible Redick exchange

Experienced J.J. Redick is available for negotiations and, apparently, the situation has advanced a lot in the last few days.

According to a part of the American press the New Orleans Pelicans would have selected three teams to send the winger in an exchange to be closed as soon as possible. The preferred destinations for the 36-year-old would be: Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers.

In addition, a reporter found that the New York Knicks is also a team considered to acquire the veteran – but seen as an “underdog” for not being a candidate for the title, like the others mentioned.

What the quartet has in common is the fact that they are in the Atlantic division and it is no accident: Redick’s family lives in New York and he would like to be closer to his relatives.

In order to acquire Oubre, Pelicans made contact with the Warriors

While dealing with the possible departure of J.J. Redick, the Pelicans also seeks options for reinforcements in the market.

And one of these alternatives would have already caused some initial consultations with the New Orleans board. It seems that the leaders of the Louisiana team contacted the Golden State Warriors to check the availability of Kelly Oubre Jr.

Coach Steve Kerr confirmed the information and revealed that he had a chat with the winger on the subject. The coach also praised the athlete for knowing how to deal with all the speculation made by the American press.

Injured, Marquese Chriss hopes to sign a new contract with the Warriors

Marquese Chriss’ season was interrupted early by a fractured right leg during training. And now, the young pivot lives the expectation of facing a long recovery while reconciling the uncertainties of being a free agent in July. He does not hide that his ideal scenario would be to continue in the Golden State Warriors.

Chriss said he is focusing on his recovery at the moment, but that he really hopes to sign a new contract with the team and stay with the Golden State Warriors.

Mario Hezonja may be about to announce his return to European basketball

The Croatian was Orlando Magic’s fifth overall choice in the 2015 draft and currently plays for the Portland Trail Blazers. According to the American press, the wingman has some ongoing conversations with Russia’s powerful CSKA Moscow.

If the conversation really moves forward, Mario Hezonja would return to play in Europe after almost 6 years outside the continent. Before being hired by the Orlando Magic, the athlete was part of the Spanish giant Barcelona, in which he played from the youth teams.



Some very interesting changes could happen in the coming months in the NBA. Some teams may change players, others may end up saying goodbye to some of their athletes. But of course, new pieces are always to come.

The NBA has always been and always will be. Each season, players are traded between teams. That is why it is common to see athletes changing shirts so much throughout their career and even playing for local rivals.

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