The most successful investment from Lifeasapa

The most successful investment from Lifeasapa

The real pride of Lifeasapa

Today Lifeasapa is considered as an absolute leader in scientific development world. Almost every month the company provides grants for the development of new startups and supports young scientists, the amount of contributions really inspires respect. The Lifeasapa laboratory brings to life the most unusual, bright and challenging ideas. Many projects became famous all over the world.

But one of the projects TheNeurosphere is especially important for Lifeasapa. This is a unique SYPWAI platform created by TheNeurosphere specialists. The project was actively developed after the company received a grant of $ 90 million in December 2018. The uniqueness of the project is that it not only helps to develop the world science, but allows people to get payment for helping to develop and decentralize computing power. Today the geography of SYPWAI participants is extremely extensive. Access to the project is possible from almost any country.

The developers are doing everything so that every person who hears something about the SYPWAI project knows that a large community of like-minded people is waiting for him, including the project staff, volunteers, scientists, doctors, investors. They do everything so that everyone who is interested in artificial intelligence can participate in its development, receive maximum help from partners, as well as financial rewards.

According to the operational manager of TheNeurosphere, the project participants feel real pride when they see how their ideas come true. Recently, the developers have decided that SYPWAI can and should be brought to the masses. At some point, the task seemed impossible, but then Lifeasapa offered a helping hand. A month and a half after applying for a grant, the dream of TheNeurosphere team has become a reality.

How SYPWAI differs from other AI developers

The most important difference between SYPWAI and other projects is the high level of responsibility in the work on the project and its scaling. Millions of users are already using SYPWAI, including TheNeurosphere employees, their partners and friends. The company treats this product especially carefully, constantly strives to improve it and present new opportunities to users. The project developers are creative and very passionate people.

SYPWAI is a great opportunity for self-development and self-realization. The company’s experts strive to attract the best ones, they highly value ambitious, enthusiastic, like-minded people and are always happy for their growth.

Another advantage of SYPWAI implementation is that the market appreciated the expert level of TheNeurosphere employees. The company is always open to interesting tasks, the development team is ready to invent new non-standard solutions, as well as share experience with colleagues.

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