Growing Plants Hydroponically can be a Tricky Experience

Growing Plants Hydroponically can be a Tricky Experience

Your plants have to have the right conditions to be able to grow indoors. This includes the right mix of soil, water, vitamins, and even the lighting used in the grow room. Sizing of your hydroponic system is also a factor to keep in mind. One of the most important elements your plants will need is lighting since they will not be able to use the sun for nutrients. The sun provides a lot for plants, so finding the right grow lights is important for the type of plants you plan to grow.

Lighting is Important

Knowing what to look for in your lighting is key to finding the best lamps for your plants. Let’s discuss the most important features to look for in your grow lamps.

Full Spectrum Lighting

The natural light of the sun provides the ability for plants to utilize photosynthesis. This is the process of absorbing light and converting it into energy and nutrients for the plant to grow. Choosing grow lamps that provide the full spectrum of lighting is important for this process to successfully occur in your plants. Natural lighting from the sun carries the full spectrum of light, so always ensure the grow lights you choose do the same for your plant’s sake.

Low Maintenance

There are a lot of choices when considering the right grow lights to use in your grow room. Routine maintenance for grow lamps typically includes replacing bulbs and taking care of the lamps themselves to prevent damage. Many grow lamps offer a wide range of durability and waterproofing, but choosing the right one can be tedious. Knowing the size of your grow room will help in this process, to ensure you have the right amount of lighting for the number of plants you have.

Certain types of lamps will require different types of bulbs. Some bulbs can have a long lifespan, lasting for 6,000 hours of use before burning out. LED lights, on the other hand, can last up to 50,000 hours or more depending on how you use them. Their chips also stay brighter longer than conventional bulbs used in other lamps. This makes them quite a beneficial addition to any grow room to reduce the amount of maintenance required.

Energy Efficiency

Another feature to consider is energy efficiency. When it comes to hydroponic grow rooms, your electric bill will be a major consideration. Running the wrong type of lamps on a 24-hour basis can spike your electricity use up drastically over time. Considering most plants need lighting for different periods, you could be running a set of lamps for one plant all day long while another type of plant will only need 12 hours of use.

There are a variety of different types of lighting you can choose from, ranging from LED, CMH, DE, MH, and fluorescent lighting. The most energy-efficient out of these choices will, of course, be LED lighting. LED lights have become a go-to for most projects, whether it’s your vehicle, home, or lamps used for various activities. They can run for 24-hour periods without a noticeable change in your electricity bill. This makes LED lighting the premier choice when choosing the right grow lights for your project.

Knowing What to Ask About Lighting

Researching before buying is always a good method when choosing anything you need to invest your money in. The same goes for grow lamps for your garden. This guide here provides some good advice and information that can help with your purchase that we’ll go over here as well.

  • How knowledgeable is the retailer that you’re purchasing from? Always make sure that the person or company you are purchasing from knows a thing or two about their products. This can help ensure you get the best quality lights from someone that can help you with the information you need on them.
  • How should you configure your hydroponic lighting system? The configuration of your lighting is very important for your plants. Having the right amount of light, and the right type of light per plant can help them grow to their full potential. Healthy growth is important for your plants, especially vegetables. Your retailer should be able to help with advice on getting started with your configuration, as well as changes to it later on if you expand your setup.
  • Do they offer a warranty for your grow lights? When purchasing any large purchase, it is always a good idea to ensure there is some type of warranty on the item in case of damage or fault. Most grow lights can be an expensive investment, depending on the type of light you choose. Having the security of a warranty should anything break or stop working is a great safety net for any grower.
  • Do they offer a money-back guarantee for your purchase? Some retailers will offer a money-back guarantee, while others won’t. If your chosen retailer does offer one, it will be helpful in the long run. If the retailer stands behind their product, they will typically provide one to guarantee their performance. Always make sure if you are dissatisfied with their performance, that you can return them or get your money back.

Hydroponic systems are easily one of the best ways to grow plants when you cannot have a traditional garden. With the right grow lights, you can grow a wide variety of plants or crops indoors. This can be very beneficial if you plan to grow vegetables or fruits that cannot withstand winter weather as not all plants are hardy enough. This makes choosing the right lamps critical for the success of your plants.

With the number of choices in grow lamps on the market, choosing an LED system will be your best route. Their long lifespan, energy-efficiency, lowered heat release, and durability will be the best choice for your indoor garden and your plants will thank you for it. Having the right light spectrum will also ensure your plants receive the best amount of light possible, which LED lights can do for you.

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