Meet the best cricket batsman of all time

Meet the best cricket batsman of all time

     Donald [1] George Bradman, also known as “The Don”, was an Australian cricket player. Many cricket experts consider him to be the best batsman in the history of the game. Throughout his career, he managed to score a batting average of 99.94. Many experts consider this to be the best achievement in all major sports. If he would play now, people should really consider making all kinds of sport online beting on 1xBet platform.

The story of young Bradman practicing with just a cricket stump and a golf ball is part of Australian folklore. In Australia, everybody remembers his incredible rise from amateur cricket to being a leader of his national squad. Team testing took just over two years. Before he turned 22, he had set many scoring records, some of which still stand, and he became Australia’s sports idol amid the Great Depression in Australia. If someone believes that his records could be equalized anytime soon, make sure to visit 1xBet all kinds of sports betting online on the platform.

A brilliant career

He played for more than 20 years. Bill Woodfull was a former Australian captain, and he never hid his admiration for The Don. He stated that he was worth “three batters for Australia”. England came up with a controversial strategy, called Bodyline, in order to stop his spectacular batting. It is also possible to create our own strategies when exploring the cricket online betting odds As captain and manager, Bradman opted for cricket that looked:

  • offensive;
  • and entertaining at the same time.

Despite his excellent performances, many fans, fellow players and board members considered him distant and arrogant. An important moment in his career came after a forced hiatus due to World War II. Here he returned in spectacular fashion, captaining the Australian squad, which was none other than the “The Invincibles”, which went on an undefeated tour that broke the English record. Such records can also be wagered on with the great cricket betting odds in 1xBet online gambling site.

A true idol

A highly motivated and complex man, little given to close personal relationships, Bradman maintained a preeminent position in the game serving as manager, coach and writer for three decades after his retirement. By visiting it is possible to wager on many other talented players. Even after he secluded himself in his later years, many wanted his opinion as a cricket expert. Also, even those who were not fans of the game idolized and recognized him.

While it is unlikely that such a spectacular player might appear again anytime soon, people should still visit 1xBet in order to place wagers on lots of interesting teams.

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