How much will an MBA cost in Germany?

How much will an MBA cost in Germany?

Establishing a strong foundation in business administration and management, in addition to cultivating a network of business contacts, will be of great use to you later on in your professional journey. Get the opportunity to earn an approved degree while living in Berlin or Bad Honnef thanks to the adaptable on-campus study option provided by Indiana University.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business is a postgraduate program that lasts for two years and is aimed at teaching students about international trade and policies, international investments, export management, and forex risk management. With this global Master of Business Administration (MBA) program that is one year long, you will develop expertise in finance, economics, and leadership to prepare you for any management role. You will also be able to bring your existing leadership skills and the comprehensive knowledge that is curated from all core business disciplines to the table.

The applicant must have a minimum grade point average of between 50 and 60 on their bachelor’s degree. Admission to the MBA International Business.

In the current job market, graduates with an MBA in International Business have a variety of possibilities available to them. Candidates who complete this training will have a wide variety of employment options available to them. Graduates with degrees in international business are in high demand all the time because of the growing trend of globalization and the increasing number of companies competing on the worldwide stage.

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Why Should You Study MBA/IB?

  • The work opportunities and remuneration packages that are open to candidates who have earned an MBA degree in Germany in this field are what determine the breadth of this program.
  • Because the degree focuses on the management of businesses on an international scale, it not only enables one to go abroad but also makes it possible to start up shop in any area of the globe.
  • If you have a Master of Business Administration in International Business Management, you will have the opportunity to work for some of the most prestigious corporations in the world.
  • The industry provides the greatest possible salaries for managerial positions, in addition to the opportunity to live a corporate life on a worldwide scale.
  • Those who receive a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business also have the option to work in other countries, benefit from enhanced prospects for professional networking, and bring in hefty incomes. Examine: MBA and IB Study Abroad

Who Should Try for It?

  • Studying for a master’s degree in international business is open to anyone who has an interest in studying the distinction between international business and global business.
  • A candidate can pursue this degree if they are interested in having secure work with a rich wage both in the country and overseas.
  • The program is quite doable, both in terms of the way it is taught and the amount of time it takes to complete it.
  • An online Master of Business Administration in International Business is available to any working individual who is interested in advancing their career and increasing their salary. Please refer to the MBA Placements.

When Should you Study?

There is no upper age limit for applicants to a Master of Business Administration program in International Business.

  • A candidate must have completed their education to meet the minimal requirements for eligibility. (graduate of a program lasting three years).
  • The return on investment for this course, however, will be significantly higher once a student has been placed, even though it has a somewhat higher cost. Please refer to the MBA IB syllabus.
  • The majority of candidates for an MBA in International Business were between the ages of 26 and 29 on average when they began their studies.


  • Degrees awarded jointly with London South Bank University
  • An 18-month work visa is issued following the completion of studies
  • 94 Percent success rate in employment
  • Specializations in the four most prominent fields
  • Berlin and Bad Honnef make up our two international campuses.
  • No IELTS is necessary
  • Free instruction in the German language
  • position as an alumnus of both IU and LSBU
  • There are plenty of scholarships on offer that might save you up to 10 percent of the total cost.
  • The JobAssist feature of Simplilearn is a unique initiative that helps you stand out to the most prestigious employers.

Why Obtain Your MBA in Germany?

  • Attend classes at the breathtaking Indiana University campus on International Opportunities for Professional Development
  • Earn degrees that are recognized all around the world and get the opportunity to work in the world’s fourth-largest economy.
  • The cost of living and education are relatively low.
  • By choosing the hybrid path, you can cut costs while still achieving the same professional goals.
  • After Completion of Study Work Visa
  • Submit an application for a Post-Study Work Visa valid for 18 months to gain the opportunity to find employment in Germany.
  • Develop Your Connections in Other Countries
  • Open up new horizons for yourself by integrating yourself into the Global Alumni Network and the International Student Community.

Complete Cost of the Program

The cost of the program is ₹ 2,50,000 (Incl. taxes) with Free Interest EMI Prices starting at 8,299 per month

  • The following fees will need to be paid in order for you to continue your studies in Germany for a second semester.
  • At the time of enrolling at IU University, a payment of EUR 3,894 is due as the enrollment fee.

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