Major reasons to do niche edits for your site

Major reasons to do niche edits for your site

“Niche edits” is becoming the most popular term used by digital marketers and SEO experts who involve in link building. If you have a business website and you want higher rankings on Google or other search engines, you should do niche edits. All you should do is place your links on websites’ pages that are already there on those sites. No new posts will be created. You should do niche edits for the following reasons.

Your rankings will improve

Almost everyone would be looking for better rankings on search engines like Google. You can achieve it with the help of niche edits. Since backlinks play a huge role in increasing the reputation of your website, niche edit backlinks will end up in high rankings. The results of niche edits and guest posting will be the same. However, niche edits will show drastic changes in the rankings than guest posting. So, you can go for niche edits instead of guest posting.

You need not create guest posts with quality content

If you think of the major reasons to go for niche edits, the elimination of the necessity for creating content for guest posts will top the list. You cannot say that all digital marketers will know to create quality content. Content writing is a new domain and only a few experts will be there who can create such stuff related to your niche. As guest posting requires approval from the host also, you cannot create something of low quality and try posting it on that website. If you need approval, you should ensure that the content is rich in meaning and beneficial for the users of the host’s website. If you plan to hire a content writer for the task, your guest posting charges will even double at times as the demand for writers is high. Even if you pay for the content, nobody can assure you that the host will agree to post that content. If the host asks for changes, you should reach the writer again and may even pay again. To avoid all these hassles, switching to niche edits is better to a great extent as no wordings are required other than your URL.

Your backlinks will pass juice

You can easily get nofollow links to your website on thousands of websites. But none of these links will give you the link juice that will trigger Google to consider your site as a reputable site. Similar to nofollow links, few links will not pass much link juice even when placed on various sites. For instance, if you place a guest post on a website, Google will take a few days to crawl that new page itself. Your link will be considered only after a few days of crawling. So, you cannot expect the link juice right away. However, niche edits will offer this juice right away as you are choosing an existing article for the placement. Since that page is known to Google for many days beforehand, you will get link juice easily. So, you can consider that niche edits will bring you some quality backlinks that matter right after the placement.

Your pages will get good rankings quickly

As said, the placement of links through niche edits will give you backlinks from already-crawled pages. As those pages will have a respectable position in Google’s rankings already, the link juice will raise the rankings of your pages also. You will not see much difference between the time of placement of the link and the time of improvements in your ranking. If you compare with the time taken for a guest post to reflect the rankings, niche edits will be faster than ever.

The process will seem organic

Another reason to go for niche edits is that the process seems more organic than most other link-building processes. As most websites are asking for payment for guest posting nowadays, there are dangers for both your site and the host site in such activities. However, niche edits will add your links to already existing articles. Hence, the chances of getting labeled as violators of the rules will be less. Also, you will be placing the link on a highly relevant page. So, this process is completely organic.

You will get niche-based contacts online

Although the process differs from guest posting to a large extent, the action of contacting bloggers and other websites for the link placement remains the same. Your first step will be researching the various websites that may be willing to place your links on their pages. Most of these websites will fall under your niche or a closely-related niche. Along with the link placement, you will get an opportunity to build relationships with such websites. You can take advantage of these contacts at any point in your digital journey. Hence, niche edits will be helpful.

You need not pay much

Let us assume yourself as a host approached by a website owner for the placement of links. In the first scenario, he asks for a guest posting opportunity with new content. In the second scenario, he asks for the placement of a single link within an existing article. Would you go for the first option or the second one? As there are some risks in getting money and placing new content created by someone else on your site, you will think of going with the link placement in most cases. Likewise, most site owners will do that only. As the placement of the link is not that much risky or time-consuming, they will not charge you much also. So, niche edits are highly affordable.

You will win the trust of the visitors

As said, niche edits will bring better rankings for your site’s pages on Google and other engines. As people think that the websites topping the search engines will be reliable, you will get more visitors who trust your site and what you do. It will help you gain customers for a long time. You cannot achieve this through ads.

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