If You Follow These Ludo Schemes, Opponents Will Stand No Chance Against You

If You Follow These Ludo Schemes, Opponents Will Stand No Chance Against You

Online gaming is highly popular globally, especially in India. According to India Times, the gaming industry is rapidly growing in the country. One of the key contributing factors in the growth is the online iterations of the classic board game ludo. Ludo, or the “King of Board Games” as it is popularly known, is deemed the best board game of all time by millions of fans around the globe. 

Enthusiasts of the classic board game enjoy it in two ways – in the conventional offline mode using physical equipment and in the online mode with the help of online ludo games. To play ludo online, all players need is a reliable online ludo game and a stable Internet connection. 

Even though it is a fun and entertaining game, most players indulge in ludo matches against others with the sole objective of winning the game. Hence, every individual who wishes to win ludo matches should follow certain tactics and schemes. Here is a look at some of the most effective ones:

Move Multiple Tokens Simultaneously 

Irrespective of whether an individual is playing an online or offline match of ludo, they get four playing pieces in total to play with. The primary objective of every participant in a ludo game is to initially make each playing piece come out of their house and march towards their base after circling the playing area once in the clockwise direction. 

Since ludo is a strategy-based game by nature, all players keep certain tactics up their sleeves at all times. In the case of moving tokens, most players take out a single token first by rolling a six and use all their subsequent die rolls to make it move ahead. Although this tactic is useful in certain cases, it fails to deliver the outcomes players expect. 

Hence, every ludo player is advised to take out all their playing pieces using the initial sixes rolled and move all of them simultaneously. To achieve this, players need to obtain good numbers in die rolls, precise movements, and high awareness. This scheme maximizes players’ chances of winning matches against even the most skilled opponents. 

Attempt Eliminating Opponents’ Playing Pieces

Playing a defensive game works in some cases, but in most, it prevents players from winning the game due to the slow movement of tokens. Hence, players are advised to adapt attacking strategies. One of the most useful attacking tactics players can implement is taking all the chances to eliminate opponents’ tokens. 

In ludo, players can eliminate the tokens of their opponents by landing their pieces on top of their opponents’. When a player eliminates the token of their opponents, it benefits the former in multiple ways. For starters, the opponent whose token gets eliminated needs to start from the beginning, which puts the player in the driving seat. 

Hence, every player who indulges in ludo games with the sole intention of emerging victorious should try eliminating their opponents’ playing pieces whenever possible since doing so will help them march miles ahead in the game.

Use Checkpoints to Block the Path of Opponents’ Playing Pieces

All players strive to make sure their playing pieces reach the base first. To achieve this, they try moving single or multiple pieces as quickly as possible. This is a logical thing to do, but players should not only do this. They should also try to block the path of their opponents’ token pieces by using the checkpoints or milestones present on the virtual or physical game board.

Throughout a ludo board, there are numerous milestones or checkpoints that protect players from other playing pieces, i.e., any token present on the checkpoints cannot be eliminated. Players should place one or more playing pieces on different checkpoints and wait for the opponents’ tokens. Fearing elimination, the opponent might not move their token piece ahead. Players can use this to their advantage and send one of their tokens toward their respective base. 

Mark the Position of Opponents’ Playing Pieces

Any player, despite having the best strategies and tactics up their sleeves, cannot emerge victorious if they miss the opportunities to implement them. Successfully executing strategies is only possible if the player knows the positions of all of their opponents’ tokens. Besides this, being aware of the position of opponents’ pieces can also help them exploit loopholes in their gameplay. 

Hence, all players who wish to win against opponents of any skill level should remain hyper-aware and active during intense ludo matches. They should not let their opponents’ tokens slip past their eyes. If that happens, the chances of players winning matches will be minimized. 

Play Matches With a Clear Head and Calm Mindset

Intense ludo matches often last for longer than anticipated. In such cases, players should remain calm and think with a clear head to come up with solid counter moves, which will help them to close the match in their favor. 

Doing so not only puts the player at an advantage but subsequently puts their opponents in a difficult position. Hence, every player who wishes to win matches should remain calm and patient and strive endlessly until their opponents fold and the match ends in their favor. 

Ludo is a skill-based game that requires players to devise efficient game plans to win matches. Players with the right hacks and schemes can overpower even the most skilled opponents. Hence, any individual who wishes to conquer ludo matches should follow the effective tactics mentioned above. 

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