Longest Six in Cricket History: Know Cricket’s Biggest Hitters

Longest Six in Cricket History: Know Cricket’s Biggest Hitters

The longest six in Cricket history is a position held by the Cricketer, Shahid Afridi who is till date the only Cricketer to hit six longer than 150 meters.That is why he has long been in the Cricket news too. 

The Unofficial Six

Shahid Afridi unofficially holds the record for hitting the longest six. He cleared 158 meters with his six in a match against South Africa on 17th March 2013. Pakistan was batting against South Africa in the 3rd One Day International (ODI), played in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Despite this unofficial world record being made in this match, Pakistan lost the match to South Africa by 34 runs. Shahid Afridi scored 88 runs off 48 balls, trying to chase a mammoth target set by the South African Cricket team at 344 runs. 

The longest six in Cricket history was the 4th ball of the 35th over. Ryan McLaren was the baller, and Shahid Afridi had already scored 12 runs in four of his deliveries. This was presented as Cricket news in Hindi as well. The pressure increased, and McLaren gave Afridi 2 runs before the biggest six in history smashed. The baller, Ryan McLaren, gifted Shahid Afridi a length ball, and the ex-Pakistan captain hit the ball over the roof and directly out of the stadium.

However, this six was recorded at 120m in the ICC records later, which leaves Shahid Afridi at a petty number 9 in terms of ranking the longest six.

The Official Six

Officially, the longest six ever hit record is held by former Australian Cricketer, Brett Lee. He hit a six, which cleared some 130-135 meters. This six was hit against West Indies at a test match in Gabba in 2005. The six was so long that it finally ended up in the parking lot, well outside the stadium, and is estimated to have covered nearly 135 meters. The Cricket teams were shocked. 

Other Sixes Throughout History

The former Australian Cricketer, Mark Waugh held the record of the longest six before Brett Lee. In a test match against New Zealand, Waugh hit a six, which cleared 120 meters in Perth in 1999. The baller who was hit by this monstrous six was Daniel Vettori.

In the same year, Ijaz Ahmed from Pakistan batted against young Indian bowler, Virendra Sehwag in a tense match in Mohali. Ahmed hit the two sixes that were hit in the entire game, and one of them crossed the boundary and covered a grappling distance of 115 meters.

In 2012, New Zealand Cricketer, Martin Guptill smashed a six, which cleared the rope by 127 meters over the midwicket boundary in a ball gifted to him by South Africa’s, Lonwabo Tsotsobe. The six hit the stand’s roof but eventually rolled back down onto the field.

In July 2021, after almost a decade, England’s Cricketer, Liam Livingstone, in a ball by Pakistan’s Haris Rauf, smashed a huge 122 meters long six straight over Rauf’s head at Headingley, United Kingdom.

These were some of the longest six hits in the history of international Cricket by the biggest hitters. Also, learn information about Rajasthan Royals by reading our articles for more. 

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